Initial meter charges worked example


Readysell can charge a initial charge on a meter, no matter what other charges apply for that meter. The worked example below gives you a outline of how to implement an initial charge on a meter.

You would use an initial charge where you want to charged a initial flag fall fee on a meter. Then all other charges.

For a more detailed explanation of the procedure, see: Setting up meter to use Initial Charge field

An initial charge applies in addition to all other charges for the meter. It is not a hire charge or a minimum charge. If nothing else, make sure this is the result you want before you proceed. As always try this out in test before using it in live.

Worked example

We have machine #5 for Acme Pty Ltd. We want to charge them an initial charge of $10 for the colour meter, no mater what other charges are applied for the colour meter that month.

As you can see from the example screen print below, we add two meter prices to the colour meter on machine #5:

  • The first meter price line is of type initial charge and will cause an initial charge of $10 for the colour meter on machine #5 every time the colour meter is charged
  • The second meter price has a type of count. This price is the click rate of $0.02 per meter count.
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