Machine meter average monthly count


This is the average count per month for this machine since the machine start date if the install date is empty. If the install date has a value, then the average meter count includes all counts up to the install date.

The moment you set an install date or change an install date, the average should recalculate.
If the install date is greater than the last meter count, then the average resets to zero.


The first time around that a machine is created for an original customer nothing needs to be done. Just ensure that there is a start date on the Machine.
When you sell this machine to another customer then you need to ensure that you insert the date that the machine has been sold to another customer on the field ‘Install Date’ which in on the General tab of the machine.

The calculation is as follows:

If the install date is empty the calculation would consider all counts for this machine from the start date.
If the install date has a date in it the calculation would consider all counts from the install date.

Formula to calculate the number of days:

  • If there is a start date and the install date is blank : it will use the start date of the machine to the last date of the meter count for each meter

  • If there is an install date, then it will use the Install date to the last date count for each meter.

    Convert.ToDecimal(( latestCountDate - machineInstallDate).TotalDays) / 365M * 12M;
    Eg Machine XXX has a start date of 16th December 2014 and no install date.

    To find the last meter count for this machine colour meter, click on the Counts Tab and it is 20th July 2020

    From the 16th December 2014 to 20th July 2020 = 2043 days (approximately) Do not include the last day of the count.
    You can use the web calculator

  • 2043days /365 = 5.597 * 12Months = 67.167 days

  • Look at the Count Inc eg countinc for Colour meter = 279539

  • CountInc 279539/67.167 days = average meter count of 4161 (in the average monthly count field for the colour meter)