Machine counted and charged quarterly


Sometimes you may not want to count and charge out Machines/Meters every month but every 3 months (Quarterly)

How to set up a Machine/Meter to be charged Quarterly

If the machine does not exist then set the machine and meters up first Creating a new machine

Firstly, create a cycle to stand for Quarterly cycle. That way you can extract a meter count run and meter charge run by count cycle. Count Cycles

Following steps to tidy up existing machines and meters to a quarterly cycle.

  1. Log onto Readysell>machine
  2. Search and highlight the machine in question
  3. Change the Count cycle on the meters to be the Quarterly cycle
  4. Click on the Total Meter
  5. Click on the tab 'Invoice Settings"
  6. Set the fields of 'Min charge run cycle' and 'Var charge run cycle' to be 3
  7. Set the 'next min charge run period' and 'nex var charge run period' to be the next period to be charged in YYYYMM format by clicking on the action button of 'Set charge period' in the top ribbon. 
  8. click on save

Do this for all machines you wish to charge every three months.

When you extract a meter count run and charge run, you can do so by creating a filter to be for count cycle = quarterly