Key Features

  • Reports can be exported to excel, scheduled to email to you or scheduled to run and save an export in a specified folder on your computer on a regular bases.
  • Readysell is deployed with built in reports. You can copy those reports and adjust the copies to suit your requirements
  • List reports work a lot like excel spreadsheets. They can have columns subtotalled and can be designed by dragging and dropping columns. Excellent for management review of detailed data
  • Analysis report allow drag and drop design summary cross tabulated reports. Comparing one criteria down the screen and another across the screen. Reports like customer sales by period. With all the periods across the top of the screen and customers down the left.
  • Form reports are used for nicely formatted output to customers and suppliers.
  • The standard list view in Readysell can be used as a quick reporting tool. By dragging columns onto the screen, totalling the data then saving the list view as a default view. You can make many reports without having to even use the reporting system
  • Dashboards show graphs and charts of popular reports grouped by functional area
  • Key performance indicators show shorthand summaries of how your business is tracking

 Show in Reports Button

  • Form reports that can be run from a button associated with a data class. For example show in report on purchase orders shows reports that can be printed for purchase orders. 

Form Reports 

  • Easy to use 
  • Difficult to change 
  • Not easy to export to excel 
  • Easy to print 


  • The most powerful but most difficult to use type of report. 
  • Great for statistical analysis by power users/management. 
  • Hard to print 

List Reports 

  • Easy to use 
  • Easy to change 
  • Easy to export to excel 
  • Can be scheduled 
  • Can be saved to your computer as excel or sent to a folder on the server 
  • Not well formatted. Not suitable for external reports. 
  • Can't be printed easily 

Reports from list views 

  • You can get quick and easy reports that suit some requirements by exporting from list views 

Text based receipt reports 

  • The POS has its own text based report writer for high speed text receipts. 

Email reports 

  • Emails can be setup with a report design that makes professional looking email subjects and messages. Including signatures, logos etc.