Minimum Charge and Quantity break on children meters


You can set a minimum charge on a child meter.


  1. Log onto Readysell>Service>Machines
  2. Highlight the Machine in question
  3. Click on each of the children meters for that machine you wish to set a minimum qty break and charge eg Mono
  4. Click on the Prices tab below it
  5. Click on New
  6. Qty = Value. If the copy counts are less than the qty break for this minimum then charge the minimum eg 1000 
  7. Type = Minimum
  8. Price ex = insert a price for the copy counts

Formula if you have a qty break and minimum price on a child meter

Firstly charge the initial copy count x count price ex + if the count for that meter is less than the meter price qty break ,subtract the qty break  from the copy count and multiply it by the minimum price ex tax 

Eg Machine X
Mono Meter
Meter Price = Qty =0;         Type = Count,           Price Ex Tax = $0.012
Meter price = Qty = 1000;   Type = Minimum      Price Ex tax = $0.01
Count for mono = 100
Meter count run = 100 x $0.012 + (1000-100) x $0.01