Testing import of meter count and associated information from emails sent by machines


Once the settings appear to be correct for receiving and parsing emails sent by machines. You need to ensure at least one machine is sending status update emails to the email address being checked. Then go to messages and review the results. Then look at some of the machines that did not work and adjust them until all the machines you


Check that emails are being received and processed

From the navigation menu select "Administration"

Then select "Task"

Find the task "Import and Parse Emails"

Click the "Run Task Now" button.

Check that some messages are being imported and processed. By checking for a message like "... messages found to process" on the "Log Entries" tab.

Check the result of the emails to see if they worked

From the navigation menu select "Relationships"

Select "Messages"

Set the filter at the top of the list view to "Emails". Then filter the list view where the message type is "Email (In)"

Then look at the "Mail Parser Log". If it is blank on emails that are coming from machines, the import is not working. There should be information on the "Mail Parser Log" tab showing information form the email was matched against a machine. Investigate and correct any cases where the email for meter counts received from a macine is failing to match against a machine in Readysell.

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Look to see if there is a recent message with a title "ReceivePrintAuditMessage"

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Then click on the "Mail Parser Log" tab:

  • The lines showing a message like "unable to ..." for a machine show where print audit's message could not be imported
  • Lines showing a message like "Added count for "..." for a machine show where the count for the meter has been updated
  • Review the success and failure messages. Investigating the setup of the meters where the import failed. 
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Repeat the procedure above until all emails for meter counts are being processed properly.