Charging a minimum total value for a machine using a total meter worked example


Readysell can charge a minimum charge on a total meter . The worked example below gives you a outline of how to implement hire meters. 

This only applies on the Total Meter

For a more detailed explanation of the procedure, see: Minimum Charge on a Total Meter

This procedure adds a minimum charge by value to a machine, where the total value of all the meters below the total meter for a period is less than a specified minimum value. It does not take into account the counts involved. Just the total value of all the meters. If they are less than the minimum specified, then the minimum value is charged for the machine instead of the individual meter counts.

Worked example

We have machine #7 for Acme Pty Ltd. We want to charge them $100 a month if the sum of the copy clicks $value is less than minimum total value that has been applied to the total machine

The Total machine must have the Meter Price type set = Minimum Total Count

In my example on Machine #7, I have setup the total machine meter to have a qty of 1,  with a meter price type = Minimum total count with a Price Ex tax = $100

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The children meters I have set up to have individual copy count prices

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I have extracted a meter count run for Machine # 7 with the counts 

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The total value of the sum of the copy clicks for both the colour and mono meter total $30. 
This total value is less than the minimum total count value that I have applied to my total meter of $100.
The meter charge run invoice will be for $110 inc gst not the value of the copy clicks for both meters. As it is less than the minimum value on the total meter

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This meter type can also be charged, where the total $value of the colour and mono meters is greater than the minimum count value. The result will be that the customer will be charged for the total value of the copy clicks.