Total Machine with a Minimum charge and Quantity Break - NOT COMPLETED


You can set a minimum charge as well as a quantity break on a total meter.

There are three methods of count on the Total Meter

If you set a meter price product  to the total meter, sum the counts from each of the children meters x price ex on the total meter as well as charge the individual copy counts for each child meter.
If you set a qty break on a total meter and a minimum charge on the total meter, on the meter charge run, charge the minimum as well as summing the copy count for each child meter x price on the total meter + each individual copy count charge


  1. Log onto Readysell>Service>Machines
  2. Highlight the Machine in question
  3. Click on the Machine total meter
  4. Click on the Prices tab below it
  5. Click on New
    See screen shot of example below

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    When you extract a meter count run, you will only see the count variance for each children meter
    It is not until you extract a meter charge run that you will see the total meter minimum charge + addition charge for the sum of the copy counts x total meter price + copy counts for each meter x meter price.