Staff Schedule

Key Features

Readysell allows you to schedule business events. The benefits of using Readysell's inbuilt scheduling facility include:

  • Click on a scheduled event and see the related transaction instantly.
  • Schedule service calls and other events.
  • Keep all your business transactions and their associated schedules in one place
  • Export your schedule to external applications, such as Google Calendar.

The schedule can be accessed by clicking Staff Schedule in the navigation panel. Schedules also display on a tab associated with each scheduled transaction. Events can be assigned to one or many users.

This feature is not available in Readysell Lite. 

Viewing the schedule

Click Staff Schedule in the navigation panel to view the schedule.

The schedule window is divided into three sections:

  • The main schedule is shown in the centre of the view. There is a separate row or column for each staff member who has been set up in the schedule.
  • The weekly calendar is shown above the main schedule view.
  • The monthly calendar is shown to the right of the main schedule view. You can always click Today to go to today's date.

You can right-click on the main schedule window to change the information that is displayed:

  • Day view shows the current day.
  • Work week view shows the current work week. This includes public holidays, but not weekends.
  • Week view shows the current week, including weekends.
  • Month view shows the current month.
  • Timeline view shows a horizontal timeline beginning with the current day.

The weekly and monthly calendar views will change to reflect the view you have chosen.

Printing the schedule

Readysell prints a page for every day that you have selected in the current view. See Viewing the schedule for more information about changing the view.

When you have selected the days you want to print, click Show in Report in the Home ribbon. Readysell displays a preview window allowing you to check that the information is correct. Click Print or Quick Print to print from this window.