Key Features

  • Unlimited product codes per product
  • Automatic translation of your existing product codes to preferred suppliers product codes. With both codes working and viewable on lists and windows
  • Unlimited units per product. With outer barcodes automatically translating into the appropriate unit
  • An unlimited number of bar codes per product.
  • Full display and tracking of each product's stock movement history.
  • Unlimited sell price levels with automatic sell price level linking to customers and cards
  • Flyers with automatic start and end date
  • Price book can be automatically available and updated with master data range of products for the industry. New products can automatically copy their details form the price book saving huge amounts of time. Cost prices, sell prices and other fields can automatically update from the price book to the products you actually stock
  • Configurable automatic cost, sell, barcode and other field updates from standard industry databases
  • Full text search on products.
  • Multiple sites and suppliers per product. With preferred supplier and alternate supplier options
  • Full transaction history. All transactions are linked allowing full drill down into history

  • A wide range of reports. Many styles of reports available, traditional list, graphs, charts, cross tab tables and dash boards
  • Catalogue and price change management. Price change runs suggest sell prices that should be changes. Automatic updates can be reviewed and even reversed after the sell prices are changed.
  • Recalculation of historical stock on hand at any date and time in the past

Perpetual stock inventory system

Readysell runs a Perpetual Stock Inventory System, not a Periodic Inventory system.

The periodic and perpetual inventory systems are different methods used to track the quantity of goods on hand.

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