What to do if you get unexpected minimum charges


It is possible to clear the count for meters on a machine, but to still get a minimum charge that you did not expect.



  • Check all the meters on the machine and see if any have a minimum charge. The most probable cause of the issue is you have cleared the count. But as a result the minimum charge that is on one or more meters on the machine is now being applied.
  • Once you have fixed the machine. Delete your meter charge run and try again.
  • If you have already generated sale shipments from your meter charge run. You will have to edit the shipments, it is too late to delete the meter charge run.
  • If you have already posted the shipments from your meter charge run. You will need to reverse the shipments or credit the shipments and process any shipments to correct the error manually.

If you deleted some lines from a meter count run but want to leave the minimum charges on the machine

Set the machine status to manual. Run you meter charge run then set it back.

If you forgot to do the step above and if you deleted some lines from a meter count run for the machines in question, then generated a meter charge run:

  • Always check the lines tab on the meter charge run before you click the "Calculate Usage" button
  • If you have clicked the "Calculate usage" button, prepare the shipments, then delete the shipments you do not want
  • Then do a new meter count run when you are ready. The meters you did not count the first time will be picked up by the second meter count run.

You never need to delete the meter count runs in respect to this process because meter count runs and meter charge runs are not directly related. Meter Count runs are not about charges they are about counts & quantities and meter charge runs are only about charges. To fix a charge run you may only need to delete a charge run but not a meter count run.