Charging a minimum value for a machine meter worked example


Readysell can charge a minimum value on a machine meter . The worked example below gives you a outline of how to implement a minimum value. 

If the count is less than the minimum qty break on the meter, then charge the count * count price plus the count variance x min price

For a more detailed explanation of the procedure, see: Meter pricing

Make sure you understand the difference between a minimum charged based on count, a maximum charge based on count and a minimum charge based on value. Always try new pricing options out on test before you use them on the live system.

Worked example

We have machine #10 for Acme Pty Ltd. We want to charge them for the first 500 colour copy clicks @$0.10 Plus the difference between the count and the qty on the meter product price * minimum price.

If the copy count for that meter set up with a type = minimum is less than the minimum qty break, charge the count x count price plus the count variance x min price

In my example on Machine #10  the total meter I have not applied any meter pricing to

The children meters I have set up to have individual copy count meter prices

For the colour meter I have set up a meter price of  qty = 0, type = count, price ex tax = $0.10
Then added a second meter price to the colour meter of qty = 500, type = minimum , price = $0.010

The meter count run applies the average price to the meter

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I have extracted a meter count run for Machine # 8 with the counts below

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The copy clicks for the colour meter has not exceeded the quantity minimum on the meter price for the type of 'Minimum'.

The calc for this will be first lot of copy counts if the count is less than minimum at the count price + (qty minimum count - count * minimum price )

Calculation = (400 @ $0.01) + (500-400 * 0.01) = $41 for the colour meter 

Plus other copy click charges for the Mono Meter

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