Meter Count Runs


Each machine in Readysell has an count cycle. This is used to determine how often the meter count needs to be extracted for each machine.

Each count cycle involves the following:

  • Count information is captured for all meters on the meter count run.
  • The meter count run is invoiced.
  • The meter count on each machine is updated.
  • Invoices are emailed or printed.
  • Emails are received from machines and associated with meter count run lines.
  • External meter counts are entered on the meter count run.
  • Customers are emailed to request meter counts.
  • Emails are received from customers regarding meter count runs.

This feature is not available in Readysell Lite. 

Getting Started



Extract MeterExtract meter readings into this meter count run
FinaliseTo finalise meter count run extracted updates 
Generate Email BatchGenerate meter count request email batch
Run Batch NowSend meter count request emails to customer


TypeTransaction type Meter Count Run (MTCRUN)
NumberSystem allocated MTCRUN transaction number 
StatusThe meter count run status e.g. in progress, posted
DateThe date meter count run was created
DescriptionThis field contains a description of the meter count run
ValueThis field shows the total value for the meter count run
Meter Count CycleThis is the meter count cycle for this run e.g. Education, Standard or Single
TokenUnique system allocated token string used to identify/associate items of a run 
SiteThis field shows the name of the site

Line Items

MachineMachine ID
MeterMeter name e.g. Colour, Black and White
TypeChange from the default Normal to Correction to enter the correction price for this line
Count MethodThe meter counting method for this line
PriceCharge price per count increment for this line
Old CountThe old count for the meter count run line from the last count from last month
New CountThis is the new count for the meter count run line
Suggested New CountNew count as recorded on the meter count request email
Manual New CountManually entered new count  
Count VarianceThe count variance for this line e.g. equates to New Count - Old Count
ValueTotal value for this line e.g. equates to Price * Count Variance
Correction PriceCorrected price for this line. Select Correction for the Type field in-order to key in the Correction Price 
Correction ValueTotal corrected value for this line e.g. equates to Correction Price * Count Variance
CommentAny notes for the line 

Meter Usages

MeterMeter name 
Old CountThe old meter count for the corresponding period
New CountThe new meter count for the corresponding period

Meter Counts

DateThe date and time of the meter count
Count MethodThis field shows the count method for this meter count
Old CountThe old count for the meter count
ManualA manually entered count for this meter 
New CountThis is the new count for the meter count
Count VarianceThis field shows the count variance for this meter count


Comment Any notes on the meter count

Email Batches

Transaction NumberSystem allocated email batch number 
NameDescriptive text of the email batch suffixed by the batch transaction number