Action Items

Key Features

  • Action items and action rules let you included your best business practice rules into Readysell's structure. Then have Readysell help inform and control compliance with best business practice
  • Action items are Readysell's to do list. Transitions in Readysell such as a sale invoice being posted or a service order becoming late can triggercreation of an action item
  • Emails and SMS messages can be sent to appropriate staff members when different kinds of action items are created. Such as when a service order becomes overdue by a specified number of days
  • Action items can have due dates, expiry dates and responsible roles and uses. Those settings are controlled by flexible action rules

Action Rules

Action rules are part of system administration. A flexible set of rules can be setup to suit your requirements. The system will then monitor the rules to see if the conditions in the rule have been satisfied.
If a rule comes into play an action item is created. The action item can be created for all uses in a role or for a particular user. 

Action Items

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Action items have the following key properties :-

Date-  the date the action item was created

Action status-  open for outstanding action items, overdue if the action item is overdue, in progress, if the action items is being worked on or closed, if the action item is completed

Priority type-  1 Low to 5 Critical

Date Due-  the date and time by which the action item is due

Source-  the transaction that triggered the action item

Date Expiry-  the date at which the action items becomes closed due to the passage of time

Role-  the role to which the action item may be assigned

User-  the user to which the action item may be assigned

Notes-  a description of the action item

To close a Action Item. Go to the Action Item, highlight it and change the Action Status =