Implement Readysell best practice


This week’s mentoring session is more of a discussion than a demonstration.  There are too many best practices for you to ever implement them all in your business.  You have to make and manage your own list of issues and future improvements, then follow up the list regularly to make the value of your business grow.  Before you start, consider the following:

Why is implementing Readysell best practice important?

Readysell has sites where everything is automated.  The the owner can go on holidays for 14 days and nothing is out of place when they returns to their business.  You can have this level of automation, improving the value of your business to you today and to anybody interested in buying your business in the future.

Why does it require continuing planning after Readysell is implemented?

You can't increase the value of your business without having a list of current issues and list of future planned improvements.  Then checking things off that list when they are complete.  The best way to do this is to keep your Readysell issues list in tickets and you monthly Readysell improvement list in your Outlook or similar calendar.  If you don't plan by having a list, you will not move your business forward and your business's value will not grow as well as it possibly can.

Why is talking to Readysell management important?

The owners of Readysell are business owners like yourself, they understand where your at.  Sometimes the best processes possible at your business and Readysell's just will not do the job.  If you are trying but not getting the results you need, calling Readysell to help get the problem solved.

Mini new feature implementation projects that can improve the value of your business:

The top priorities should be:

      1. Purchase receipt scanning for stock coming in and sale shipment scanning for stock leaving the business
      2. Readysell integrated payroll

      3. Uses email batch defaults with images and hyperlinks to catalogue/flyer pages for marketing and accounts receivable follow up

      4. Low margin report, put an entry in your calendar to run this every week!

      5. Automatic warehousing

      6. Mobile app for picking, stock put away, delivery drives and service work

Also use the suggestions below to create your own list of BEST PRACTICE wants and needs, and create your own list, and set goals / target:.

Managing Readysell in your business:

Did you know:

Priority 1 Manage issues and new mini-projects through lists

  • The top priority for getting Readysell to work better in your business is to maintain a list of issues and planned mini implementation projects.  Unless you have your issues and plans in a list you can’t manage them

  • The best way to maintain a list of issues is to submit a ticket to Readysell.  Even if it may not be a Readysell issue, submit a ticket.  An email may not get answered as fast as a ticket due to staff member being on leave.  Readysell will point you in the right direction if it is an Office Brands, IT or other issue
  • The best way to maintain a list of mini-projects is to add appointments each month to your Outlook or other time management app.
  • Reviewing your tickets in Readysell.  You and your team must know how to:

    • Log a ticket
    • Lookup your tickets
    • Lookup all tickets for your business
    • Block out ten minutes of your time each week in your calendar to do nothing else but review your Readysell/WebX action item list.

  • Then make a list of action items for the next week
  • Contact Readysell and your team and let them know what you want done
  • Review your action item list at the same time next week 

Priority 2 Communicate your issues and future plans to Readysell

  • Readysell often gets calls from dealers telling us about long standing issues that have been annoying the dealer for a long time, but which Readysell did not know about.
  • Phone Readysell if the Readysell program is not performing as expected.  Readysell regards you being happy with your Readysell system as their top priority.  Also call them if you want advice on moving ahead.
  • Read the automatic wiki updates that display on your Readysell

    Priority 3 Make the best use of training

  • The first fifteen minutes of a call to Readysell are free, make sure you and your team use the free call service if the documentation does not answer your call.  Make sure your team also feel free to make quick calls to Readysell, often this is enough to resolve easy issues without a ticket
  • Mentor your Readysell plans with outer dealers, you will both benefit
  • Encourage your team to want to be trained.  You will not succeed unless you and your team must want to be trained.
  • You will not succeed unless you have a financial budget for continuing training of at least twelve hours a year.
  • You have to invest in training in order to implement minor improvements, implement new features and correct bad practices that creep in over time.  Accept there will be a cost for this training and check you get value in return
  • Use video conferencing for your Readysell training and save the results for later reference
  • Use the free training materials, like the Readysell YouTube channel and the OB university

Priority 4 Continuously improve your Readysell practices with mini projects

  • Move your business to Readysell best practice one step at a time.  You have to plan in order to move ahead.
  • See the mini projects list below, this is just a starter list,  Readysell can provide a more complete list if you require, once you complete the list below

Other interesting things to add to favourites / read:

What next?

Reading about improvements is not enough, take action!:

    • Decide what mini project is most relevant to you now.

    • Is there anything that could really make a big difference and save you time.  Choose that one!

    • Understand how / what benefits are likely to flow from implementing. 

    • Allocate someone to learn / get training on the feature. 

    • That person to then share their learning with other staff internally.

    • Roll out the change. 

    • Monitor / keep list of any glitches or hitches experienced.

    • If comfortable, move to next mini project.

    • Readysell Pro Best Practice Training Guide
    • Stage 5 post implementation best practice customer checklist