Cleaning up your product data

Product cleanup basics

  • What is the Price Book:
    • Adding last modified to your price book view
    • Populating new products from the price book
  • Automating product price updates:
    • Doing a Price Book run to prepare for automatic pricing
    • Turning on automatic price updates
    • Printing price change labels for retail labels
  • Understanding the Catalogues list:
    • Catalogues
    • Flyers
    • Automating catalogue and flyer loads
  • Using the product import audit:
    • Where is it
    • What is it
    • Using it understand automatic product file updates
  • Product Import Rules:
    • Where they are
    • How to use them to get help

Making your product units work with the product units on WebX and the data portal

Checking the correct store products are set to display on the web