Increasing the value of your business


Readysell is designed to help you:

  • Increase revenue
  • Increase gross profit
  • Increase customer loyalty
  • Save time

By acting all all those areas, Readysell can help increase the value of your business or the business you work for.  By completing one of the topics below each month, you will gradually get more out of your Readysell system and at the same time increase the value of your business.

What are the most reliable ways to increase the value of my business?

Readysell's integration engine can link you to hundreds of third party partners including:

  • Magento, Ebay and WebX for ecommerce
    • Increase revenue and save time. Some of our customers have moved most of their sales to the web saving time
    • Increase gross profit. Clear out dead stock on Ebay
  • Buying group product information databases for cost, price and range automation also competitor pricing
    • Save time and improve Gross profit. No manual price updates
    • Save time. Automatic creation and maintenance of products
  • Suppliers for EDI of purchase orders and display of stock availability 
    • Save time and increase customer loyalty. Be sure your order got to the supplier and get feedback on stock available. Track expected delivery dates.
  • Freight integraters such as SmartFreight and StarShipIT to automate courier, Australia post and shipment integration
    • Save time and increase gross profit. Automated dispatch control
    • Increase customer loyalty. Send tracking links to customers for shipments
    • Save Time. Print the right label for each courier company
  • MailChimp and MailGun for email distribution and notification when emails are received and read
    • Increase customer loyalty by checking if customers opened their mail
  • Banks for bank reconciliation and financial integration
    • Save time by automating bank reconciliations
  • Tablets and devices to automate all the internal warehouse, delivery and other tasks that would otherwise require manual working
    • Increase gross profit by empowering your team
  • Customers reprint invoices and statements from a web page
    • Increase customer loyalty by allowing customers to print their own statements and invoices (as well as getting them as automatic emails)
  • Staff view their own pay, reprint group certificates, view their hours and apply for holidays online
    • Save time by allowing staff to conduct their own pay enquiries
  • Staff schedules link to outlook
    • Save time by seeing what your staff are doing from inside Outlook
  • Send SMS or email messages to customers such as parents when school orders are ready for pickup
    • Save time and increase customer loyalty by improving communications to customers

Readysell allows you to customize the solution to suit your business and every individual in your business:

  • Only Readysell allows Drag and drop fields onto screens to build screens that suit each individual user
  • Only Readysell allows Drag and drop design of lists and list colours to inform your team removing the need for reports
  • Extensive roles based security
  • Three report writers to build and automatically schedule your reports
  • Cloud or local hosting
  • Web version
  • Mobile app

Readysell automates most business tasks

  • Alerts to inform team members when something needs their attention
  • Automated warehousing, purchasing, receipting and deliveries
  • Bank reconciliation integration
  • Wireless picking, put away, deliveries and service work

Business to business and POS sales

  • POS sales without using the mouse
  • Unique Scan anywhere on the screen and Readysell will decide where the scan should go
  • Bank and Tyro integration for EFT

Getting the most our of your Readysell system requires good data.  The value of your business is mostly in the customer database.  If you sell the business you sell the customers.  Improving the quality of your customer database increases the value of your business.

Why is data important?

Cleaning up your data increases the value of your business as:

  • If you were to sell your business, the main thing that people are buying is your customer contacts list.  Improving the quality of your customer and contacts data will increase the value of your business
  • Growing your business requires that you stop focusing on internal 'housekeeping' and focus on customers using tools like CRM and automated marketing.  Those advanced tools demand quality contacts data.  Your efforts to group, or even maintain, your business will be hampered by poor or out of date contacts data
  • You can't use CRM or automated marketing to group your business until you have cleaned up your contacts and customer data
  • If your product data are not tidy:
    • you can't automate the internal 'house keeping' processes that make your business work day to day
    • your customer's satisfaction level will also be reduced due to pricing errors and lower fulfillment rates
    • your profit may be low due to customers getting cheaper prices than they need to be on non-price sensitive lines
    • you may loose customers due to noncompetitive pricing

Why is training important?

  • After your data, the skills of your staff are your businesses second most important asset.
  • Every year you invest a lot in your buying group and in Readysell.  This investment puts a lot of tools at your staff's finger tips.  But if they don't know the tools are there or invent their own ways of using the systems, then you are not getting the best return on your investment.

Why is implementing Readysell best practice important?

Readysell has sites where everything is automated.  The the owner can go on holidays for 14 days and nothing is out of place when they returns to their business.  You can have this level of automation, improving the value of your business to you today and to anybody interested in buying your business in the future.

Why does it require continuing planning after Readysell is implemented?

You can't increase the value of your business without having a list of current issues and list of future planned improvements.  Then checking things off that list when they are complete.  The best way to do this is to keep your Readysell issues list in tickets and you monthly Readysell improvement list in your Outlook or similar calendar.  If you don't plan by having a list, you will not move your business forward and your business's value will not grow as well as it possibly can.

Why is talking to Readysell management important?

The owners of Readysell are business owners like yourself, they understand where your at.  Sometimes the best processes possible at your business and Readysell's just will not do the job.  If you are trying but not getting the results you need, calling Readysell to help get the problem solved.

So what should I do?