Workflow Nodes

Workflow (WF) Nodes are used to control the workflow status of a transaction type life cycle e.g., service order, sale web order etc. The basic workflow nodes that you require to run the service order life cycle are:

  • Logged : recorded on the system but not yet assigned to a technician
  • Assigned : assigned to a technician, work can be scheduled
  • Complete : work complete
  • Ready : ready to ship and invoice

    It is recommended that you review the standard workflow nodes for a transaction type to assess whether or not you may want to add your own custom steps

  1. From the Navigation panel, click on Administration>Advances>Workflow Nodes
  2. Workflow Nodes browse window opens

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    1. Transaction Type - this is the type of transaction you are processing e.g., SALWEB, SALORD, SRVORD
    2. Start : indicates whether this is an initial WF status when a transaction of this type is created
    3. Current Status - this is current WF status of the transaction type 
    4. Next Status - the next WF status that can be set to
    5. Due Days - the number of days the action item is due; not used is most cases
    6. Due Hours - the number of hours the action item is due; not used is most cases
    7. Due Minutes - the number of minutes the action item is due; not used is most cases
    8. Card Type
    9. Editable - If this item is editable; not used is most cases
    10. Priority - the priority rating of the action item ; not used is most cases
    11. Active flag - indicates whether a WF Node is active or not
    12. Send Email - is an email to be sent to the customer ; not used is most cases
    13. Description - the description ; not used is most cases
    14. Email Text - Email content ; not used is most cases