Cleaning up your most valuable assets your data

Why is data important?

Cleaning up your data increases the value of your business as:

  • If you were to sell your business, the main thing that people are buying is your customer contacts list.  Improving the quality of your customer and contacts data will increase the value of your business
  • Growing your business requires that you stop focusing on internal 'housekeeping' and focus on customers using tools like CRM and automated marketing.  Those advanced tools demand quality contacts data.  Your efforts to group, or even maintain, your business will be hampered by poor or out of date contacts data
  • You can't use CRM or automated marketing to group your business until you have cleaned up your contacts and customer data
  • If your product data are not tidy:
    • you can't automate the internal 'house keeping' processes that make your business work day to day
    • your customer's satisfaction level will also be reduced due to pricing errors and lower fulfillment rates
    • your profit may be low due to customers getting cheaper prices than they need to be on non-price sensitive lines
    • you may loose customers due to noncompetitive pricing