Technician productivity reporting


Readysell's technician productivity reporting is based on recording metrics about each call and allowing you to monitor those metrics for date ranges for technicians and as summaries.

Technician productivity reporting depends on the following factors being setup correctly and being understood by your team:

  • Market segments
  • Technicians
  • Territories
  • Machines
  • Logging of activities on service calls, preferably through the Readysell mobile app
  • Understanding the technician performance metrics
  • Running and reviewing the technician activities in detail until the activity information used to build the reports is acceptable
  • Setup a schedule for running the technician performance reports 

The procedure below walks you through the steps required to get your business ready for technician performance reporting

Procedure for preparing your business for technician productivity reporting

Step 1: sign off market segments as acceptable.

Market segment define the industry benchmark callback rules used to classify technician performance on every call.  A suggested set of market segments are deployed with Readysell.  Those standards change over time.  The market segments on your system may not line up with the current standard suggested in this document.  You have to read, understand and if required adjust your market segments as the first step in preparing for technician performance reporting.  Only after you have signed off the market segments should you move on to the next step in the process.


Market Segments

Setting up a new territory to enable sales performance or service performance reporting

Step 2: sign off correct and complete entry of technicians as Readysell users

You need to make a list of technicians that work in your business.  Then add every technician to Readysell as a Readysell user.  When entering the user records for the technicians, you have to make sure you tick the "is technician" checkbox on the user record.  If you do not correctly enter the users as technicians and keep this list up to date in future, technician performance reporting will not work.



Step 3: sign off service territories as acceptable.

You have to decide how many technician territories you want to have and then add all your technicians to one or more territories



Setting up a new territory to enable sales performance or service performance reporting

Step 4: sign off all your machines as being in the correct territory

Either as you create each machine or by reviewing the machines you already have, check the territory shown next to each machine in your machines list view.  Make sure each machine is in the correct territory.


Creating a new machine

Step 5: sign off on the list of activities available to your service technicians

The service activities available to your technicians and some key aspects of how they are applied are determined by the "Service" system type.  You can find those settings under "System Types" on the advanced administration branch of the Administration menu on the Navigation panel.


Service system type

Step 6: record activities on each service call, preferably by using the service feature on the Readysell mobile app


Entering activities onto a service call without the mobile app

Entering Activities, Signature and Finalising a Service Call using the mobile app

Activities on service order calls using the mobile app

Step 7: sign off on technician performance metrics by technicians themselves

It is not enough that you understand the technician performance metrics.  Your team, in particular your technicians need to understand the metrics and why the metrics are being used to monitor technician performance.  Study the table of technician performance metrics attached.  Then run some discussion sessions with your technicians.  You need every technician to sign off on understanding those metrics before you move to the next step.

See: Technician performance metrics

Step 8: sign off on the technician activity information being captured in your live system

The activity information being captured in your system can be reviewed with the "Service technician call activity" list report.  Download the report from the Readysell store into your list reports.  Then run the report on a regular basis.  Look at each day's activity for each technician.  Once the daily activities make sense to you, you are ready to move on to running technician performance reports

To do, running the reports.