Mobile Training Guide

Assumed Knowledge

The mobile app is deliberately written in a way that does not require any prior knowledge of Readysell.  The intention is to avoid the need to train operations staff in how to use Readysell.  Many team members acting as store persons, service technicians etc. will be able to perform their work through the mobile app with no required knowledge of Readysell at all.

There are some exceptions.  While many mobile app users simply use the mobile app to perform operational tasks, the mobile app can do much more. In which case::

  • If you use some parts of the mobile app such as customers and products for remote data lookup it is handy to have completed the relationships and inventory training guides
  • If you use the mobile app's ability to display a full version of Readysell as a web client.  Then you will need to have completed what ever training guide segments related to the areas of Readysell you access.  If you use the web client to access all Readysell features, you would need to have completed all aspects of the training guide.

Use the mobile app. If you are not using the mobile app running the business is costing you more than it should

The mobile app is critical to efficient operation of:

  • The warehouse, by allowing all movements of stock into, without and out of the warehouse to be handled by scanning with wireless mobile devices
  • Service operations, by allowing technicians to record all their work directly into the system without having to learn Readysell
  • Local deliveries, through the deliveries function

The mobile app can:

  • Assist any staff member who is out of the office to lookup customer and product details
  • Provide access to full featured web based version of Readysell that can be used by anybody in mobile range

You have to be using the mobile application to get the most out of your Readysell system.  If you are not using mobile, your business is costing more to run than it should.

Mobile Overview



Key Features

    • Installing the app, the app can be downloaded from Apple, Android and Windows stores. 
      • On Android it can be installed from an email sent to the mobile device. 
      • The app runs on most Android, Apple, Windows phones and Windows 8 devices
    • Configuration, Readysell's mobile app can be configured to 
      • pair with a compatible barcode scanner 
    • Getting started
      • when you first install the app your user settings in Readysell 8 Windows version control the menu options you are allowed to see

        A Store Person menu options would be different to that of Technician.

      • Once your user id is setup properly in Readysell. A first data sync has to occur. 
      • Readysell stores and runs its data from the device itself. As a result the Readysell 8 mobile application can continue to work even when your mobile device is out of range of 3G and Wi-Fi connections


The topics in this section give you information on how to do various things within Readysell Mobile.