Optimise integration to your WebX Store

Trouble Shooting WebX Integration

If you encounter any integration issues, try using the following guide to resolve the issue:

 Trouble Shooting WebX Integration

For reference information on how Office Brands integration works, see:

Office Brands Integration

WebX Integration

  • Card Setup
  • Web ID
  • Web Customer Field (Plus Other Fields on Settings Tab)
  • Send customer to the web button where customer does not exist at all on the web as yet

Product Setup

  • Image ID


Custom Price Levels

  • Effect on product price level uploads
  • Effect on contract uploads

System Types

  • Office Brands
  • Web



  • Office Brands Business Intelligence
  • Office Brands Competitor Sync
  • Office Brands Sync
  • Office Brands End of Day Sync
  • Office Brands Category Sync

Office Brands Messages

  • From the Advanced module – viewing all uploads and downloads, filtering to see certain things, using XML data field to search for a particular customer or product starting your search with %
  • From the Contracts module based on individual contract
  • From the Products module based on individual product

Data Portal Integration

Product Import Rules


  • Office Brands Product Import

Business Intelligence Integration


  • Office Brands Business Intelligence

National Accounts/Local Buys Integration

Card Setup

  • National Account ID


Contracts for Local Buys


  • Office Brands End of Day Sync

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