Start to increase business value by doing a business health check


The aim of the business health check is to understand what you should do more off, less of or not at all.  If you can measure what your business is doing you can control the business and increase it's value.

If you never took your car in for a service, after a time it would not run well.  Just as would happen if you never went to the doctor or dentist for a checkup. 

Actionable metrics

Actionable metrics are the key to measuring and thus improving your business:

  • They include a lot of common measures of business performance all in one place, such as stock turns, value of dead stock, profit last month
  • The actionable metrics list can be added to your login dashboard
  • Make sure you glance at the metrics list at least once a week

What's next

  • Each of the actionable metrics is aimed at prompting action.  Some of the ways you should follow up the actionable metrics are as follows: