Readysell can help you meet your key business objectives


As a owner or manager, Readysell can help you meet your key business objectives.  The tables below skip all the talk of which buttons to process and focus on real business benefits you can get from your Readysell system.

Management overview matrix of key Readysell business benefits

To use the table below:

  • First, look down the first column listing key business objectives.  For example you might select "Improve Staff Productivity"
  • Then look across the page to find areas where Readysell can help.  Under the heading "Purchasing" there is an entry "PUR.1" in the benefits matrix
  • Lookup the key to benefits table below to find out more about the selected benefit.  For example click on "Purchasing", then when the key to purchasing benefits displays lookup the reference "1" to find one way in which purchasing can help you with staff productivity
  • If you get stuck using this document, please phone Readysell support

ObjectiveFinancialOB IntegrationPurchasing and EDIRelationshipReportingSaleScreen Colours AlertsServiceSupport and trainingWarehouse Inventory

Acquire New Customers

Budget Planning (FIN.1)

Sales Force Integration (OBI.3)

Contact data cleanup (REL.2)

Sales best practice (SAL.1), Competitor Pricing (SAL.4)
Service Best Practice (SER.1), MPS Billing (SER.2)

Warehouse best practice (WAR.1)

Sell more to Existing Customers

Sales Force Integration (OBI.3), Contract Integration (OB.5), Favorites integration (OB.13)

 Relationships best practice (REL.1)

Customize customer facing reports (REP.2), Sales reports in reporting best practice (REP.1)

Extract products to sales (SAL.8), Quoting tools (SAL.2)SCA.1

Engage Customers

Contact data cleanup (REL.2) ,

Email marketing links (REL.4) 

Customer facing email messages (REP.3)

Loyalty (SAL.3)

Reactivate Customers

Lapsed and inactive customer highlighting (REL.3)

Lapsed and inactive customer reporting (REP.4)

Competitor pricing (SAL.4)

Improve Staff Productivity 

Payroll (FIN.2), Bank integration Automated bank reconciliation (FIN.3) and Supplier semi-automated payments (FIN.6)

Automated Purchasing (PUR.1), Supplier Purchase Integration (EDI.1)

 Sales reports in reporting best practice (REP.1)

Competitor pricing (SAL.4),Extract to sale( SAL.5), SAL.6Budget training (SUP.4)Mobile app (SER.3)Understand Support policy (SUP.1), Support best practice (SUP.2),Free training webinars (SUP.3)

 Automatic warehousing (WAR.3), Scan check receipts (WAR.5), Scan check sale shipments (WAR.6), Wireless warehousing (WAR.7)

Improve your Business Supply Chain


Automated Purchasing (PUR.1),Supplier Purchase Integration (EDI.1)

Drop Shipments (SAL.7)

Reduce CostsLive P&L Tracking (FIN.1),Financial Best Practice (FIN.9)OB integration best practice (OB.1)

Dead stock actions (REP.5)

Automatic warehousing (WAR.3), Dead stock cleanup ( WAR.8)
Improve Planning and Control (

Budget Planning (FIN.1), Live P&L (FIN.4),Financial Best Practice (FIN.9)

Actionable metrics (REP.6)
Support best practice (SCA.2)Mobile app (SER.3)
Automatic warehousing (WAR.3),

Key to matrix of Readysell key business benefits