Refresh your staff training to get the most out of your people

Why is training important?

  • After your data, the skills of your staff are your businesses second most important asset.
  • Every year you invest a lot in your buying group and in Readysell.  This investment puts a lot of tools at your staff's finger tips.  But if they don't know the tools are there or invent their own ways of using the systems, then you are not getting the best return on your investment.

Your team must be trained to use Readysell to lookup product data, referencing the data portal or the web only when required

  • Your staff should not lookup product information from the web or the portal unless the data in Readysell is not giving them the answer they are looking for
  • Readysell contains cross sell information, they need to know how to find it
  • Change your cross sells to automatically suggest add on sales
  • Attributes data is also contained in Readysell, your staff must know how to access it