Purchasing Training Guide

Assumed Knowledge

Before you attempt the purchasing training guide, you must complete:

The skills covered by the training guide segments listed above are taken as assumed knowledge.  Do not proceed with this segment of the training guide until you have reviewed the training guide segments listed above and successfully completed the skills test at the end of those earlier training guide segments.  You can't successfully complete this segment of the training guide without the skills covered in those earlier segments.  There are no effective short-cuts!  Don't sell yourself short by skipping those essential skills.

Purchasing Overview

Readysell's purchasing module automates the process of ordering, receipting and putting away stock. It integrates with our advanced warehousing and sales module to optimise the flow of stock into and out of the business. 

If you have multiple product codes of the one product, keep the main product code if it is an office brands product and set the other products to have a status of Obsolete so that they will not reorder and set the 'Ignore status' ticked on the setting tab on.
Alternatively, merge the products into the master product. 

Key Features

  • Purchase runs to mass generate purchase orders.
  • Purchase runs can use live sales figures to calculate optimal reorder levels on the fly. So your reorder criteria are always up to date.
  • Legacy min/max reordering is also supported
  • Purchase receipting via bar code scanners and/or mobile app. Data capture devices are used to automate your warehouse workforce. Reducing duplication and maximising efficiency and performance tracking
  • EDI of orders directly to and receipts directly from key suppliers. Purchase orders can be sent electronically to many suppliers computer systems. Feedback on expected supply can be feed directly back into Readysell. Informing you about the stock that will be receipted before the receipt actually arrives
  • Multiple suppliers for every product. Being a primary and any number of alternate suppliers. The system tracks the units and costs for each supplier separately
  • Automatic update of current supplier cost for the appropriate supplier from receipts
  • Stock receipts can be created before the purchase invoice is processed
  • Automatic credit and reversal generation for purchase receipts and purchase invoices
  • Multiple receipts can be dragged and dropped onto one purchase invoice. You can even merge receipts from multiple different purchase orders onto one purchase invoice
  • Automatic Warehousing can release picking slips for sales with backorders automatically when stock is receipted and the warehouse currently has spare picking capacity
  • Purchase orders can be generated from and linked to sales orders and service orders
  • Drop shipment capability. From a sale generate a purchase order. Flag the purchase order to be delivered by the supplier directly to the customer.

Purchasing And Cards Video Training

Watch those training videos on Purchasing:

(Before using any videos, don't get stuck with viewing a tiny image, see How To Play Videos )

Purchasing Training Options

From the navigation menu select 'Purchasing'. Then select 'Orders'. From the list view you need to know how to complete all the basic actions below. You should then learn how to complete all of the advanced processes.

 Basic Purchasing Processes



How ToSkillVideo
****Entering and processing a manual purchase orderClick on the new button, select a supplier, add lines and delivery address.

****Locating a purchase order

Select the 'Outstanding Purchase Orders' view from the pull down list above the purchase order list view to view only outstanding PO's. Then use the autofilter row and full text search to find the order.

****Cancelling a purchase order

Enter the transaction number and search for the order you are receiving, select the order in the list. If a purchase order has been received you will not be able to cancel the order otherwise on the top panel click on Cancel Order


Scan checking purchase receipts

Always scan all stock into the warehouse when receipting goods. You will save a lot of time by scanning box outer barcodes

Receipting ordered goods using a purchase receipt

Receiving goods from a supplier which adds to the stock on hand for those products

Manually invoicing one or more finalized purchase receipt

Processing the invoice from the supplier which adds the value to the supplier's open items

Generating purchase orders using a purchase run

Using an automated system to tell you what you need to order which you can then generate into purchase orders with a push of a button
****Creating a supplier credit requestReturning goods to your supplier - the method of crediting products from an existing purchase receipt, printing a dispatch and emailing a credit request to your supplier, affecting stock on hand to make sure it is correct before credit is added to supplier open items, then processing actual credit from supplier to add credit to supplier open items.

Reversing a posted purchase receipt

Reversing a receipt when qty on hand is insufficient

Where a supplier invoice and/or goods receipt has been processed incorrectly by staff and needs to be reversed and then correctly re receipted and invoiced.
  Creating a purchase order from a service order requires that you highlight the service order lines required then click the purchase button

Advanced Purchasing Processes

Purchase Orders

 Purchase Receipts

Purchase Invoices

Purchase Runs



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