Set up of Manufacturer Warranty on Service Order & Inserting the Service order for Warranty

Step 1: Setting Up Order Type
  1. In the Navigation panel, click Administration>Advanced> Order Types
  2. Click New to create a new order type
  3. Enter a descriptive Name e.g.: Warranty Charge to Manufacturer
  4. Turn the tick on the check box for 'Charge To Manufacturer' 

  5. Ensure you set the transaction type = SRVWAR (Service Order Warranty) 

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Step 2: Setting Up the Card
  1. In the Navigation panel, click Relationships>Cards.

  2. Select the Manufacturers CardId and check the Is Customer Is Manufacture check boxes in the card settings are ticked if this is the Charge to Manufacturer cardid

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  3. At least one Address on the Card must be flagged as 'Physical'
  4. At least one Contact on the Card must be flagged as 'Is Service' & 'Is Payable'
Step 3: Setting up the Manufacture onto the Product for the Machine
  1. Log onto Readysell>Inventory>Products
  2. Search for the Product code that stands for the Machine
  3. Click on the tab >General
  4. Add the Cardid that stands for the Manufacturer cardid of this machine to the 'Manufacturer' field on the product
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Step 4: Reviewing Workflow Nodes

SRVWAR Workflow Nodes may need to be set-up to enable Workflow Statuses to be facilitated similar to SRVORD (service order) workflow status.

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Inserting a Service Order for Warranty and charging the Manufacturer

  1. In the Navigation panel, clickService>Service Orders>New Service Order
  2. Select the Customer 
  3. Select the relevant Machine
  4. Select the Order Type for this service order to be the one to stand for 'Warranty'

Readysell will atuomatically: 

* auto-populate the Manufacturer and Charge To fields which should be the manufacturer CardId

* change the transaction type to SRVWAR

Enter Warranty Reference number if needed on the Tab = general on the service order
Continue with the service order/service order call/meter counts workflow as per normal
Click here to see more on Service orders.

On the service warranty invoice the manufacturer will be the Charge To party and the customer will be the Ship To party.