Getting Started


Things to check when getting started

  • Ensure you are connect to the internet/ WiFi before you start using the app. 
  • Check for connectivity on browser to do this enter

Whenever the term Readysell is used it stands for Readysell 8 Windows version.


  1. Enter the following details to log on
    1. Server Host is unique to each customer. It is

      Customer-Code is stored in Readysell under Administration>Advanced>System Types>Licensing>Customer-Code or contact Readysell Support to obtain your customer-code.

      No credentials are required when logging on to the Demo instance.

    2. User Name is your regular Readysell username

    3. Password is the password associated with the user name.
    4. Environment select from either Production or Test mode to run your app then click OK
    5. Remember Me can be toggled between On or Off to save your settings
  2. Click Log On

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Log Off

  1. From the Main Menu click Settings then log off button 

Main Menu

  • When you log on to the mobile app, click the Main Menu button to view the options that are available for you to use depend on your role and privileges that are assigned to you in Readysell.

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Setting Users/ Roles in Readysell Windows Version

  1. From the Navigation panel, click Administration> Users
  2. Select a User Name then click Settings
  3. Check a box that corresponds to the user's role

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    • Management role user is required to update a user's settings

    • The users assigned roles determine the user's menu options on the mobile app. 
    • When you make changes to the user's settings the user will need to log off the mobile app and log back on to effect the change. 
    • The Readysell Operator Code field needs to be set to a value as this is used in the Stock Put Away option.

    1. Is Sales Person can view Customers, Products, Settings and About

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    2. Is Driver can view Customers, Products, Deliveries, Settings and About

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    3. Is Technician can view Schedule, Service Orders, Service Calls, Settings and About

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    4. Is Store Person can view Customers, Products, Stock Put Away, Sale Shipment Picking, Stocktakes, Stocks Transfer Picking, Settings and About.

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      A user can have multiple roles checked to enable the relevant main menu options display on the logged on device.

Barcode Scanning

  • When a product barcode is scanned from any module besides Stock Put Away this will take you to the product detail screen of the item that has been scanned.

Sync or Refresh Button

  • The Sync or Refresh button syncs data between Readysell and the mobile app for the current page in real time. 

System Types for the Mobile App

  1. From the Navigation panel click Administration> Advanced> System Types then select MOBILE-APPLICATION
  2. Set the DEFAULT-SALES-REPORT-PERIODS code to the number of period 
  3. Set the VALIDATE-SHIPMENT-PICKING-LOCATION code to True if location scanning in Sale Shipment Picking is mandatory, otherwise set to False.
  4. Set the VALIDATE-TRANSFER-PICKING-LOCATION code to True If location scanning in Stock Transfer Picking is mandatory, otherwise set to False

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