The Products menu option enables you to

  • view inventory details for all recorded products in Readysell for your store.
  • search for an inventory item by entering product id or name. 
  • scan a product barcode to bring up the product details.
  • view an overflow menu where you can view further details of the product such as Notes or Image, by click on the "Breadcrumbs" icon .

    Add or edit products from the mobile app is not enabled.



 Capture Image

  • Allows you to capture a image (e.g: business card image) then attach the image to a card. 
    • The business card image is sent to the server and saved as a file attached to the new card.
  • Allows you to take a photo and saved with the camera on the device. 
    • When you do a sync to Readysell the image can be located under Cards> Attachments tab.  


  • This will sync new customers from Readysell to the mobile.
  • Allows you to access the overflow menu where you can view further details of the product such as Notes or Image.



Detail ViewImageReferenceVideo


 Show me

    • Product name is displayed at the top is as appears in Readysell.
    • Category: the category that the product belongs to. Categories are used to make it easier to locate products for sales and other actions. 
    • Status: product status. 
      • scroll further down to view the product was last ordered, last received and last shipped dates.
    • Site: shows the details of all sites where this product is held such as : 
      • Quantity on Hand: the quantity of this item that is available at this site. 
      • Net Quantity on Hand: The total number of products currently on hand. This includes all stock breakdowns such as allocated, quarantined.
    • Suppliers: product suppliers for the selected product. Select one of the suppliers to view further details.
    • Sell Prices: various pricing levels for this product. Select one of the price levels to view further details.
    • Details: displayed other information such as :
      • Tax Code Buy: The ATO tax code to be used when buying this product.
      • Tax Code Sell: The ATO tax code to be used when selling this product.
      • Def Sell Unit: default product unit used when selling a product.
      • Disp On Web: If this is on, the product is shown on your website. (Office Brands related stores only).
      • Catalogue Product: whether or not the product is a Office Brand catalogue products e.g., EzCode product-id.
      • Allow Sell Discounts: if this is off, the product cannot be discounted either manually or by contract price when it is sold.