Service Calls


In Readysell As work is performed on a service order, technicians record their work and travel time as call activities on that service order.
Activities are shown in the service calls >Activities tab.
It is best practice to maintain your workflow status before you commence inserting call activities.
If a machine doesn't have a technician assigned to it, it is not until you assign a technician to a service order or update the workflow status that a service call activity log is generated
A service order can have many service call activities as a technician may get another call out.
 With the mobile app technician can now :

  • update a service call activity details such as travel, labour times, parts, meter counts and repair description
  • obtain sign-off from the customer
  • finalise the call

directly while onsite.

 Show me




 Show me

  • Assigned to me: Filter to list all service calls assigned to the logon user.
  • Finalised: Filter to list all service calls finalised by the logon user.
  • Cancel: Takes you out of the filter section.


  • This will sync new customers from Readysell to the mobile.
  • Stylus mode to capture customer signature.

 Barcode Scanner

  • Use the device camera to scan barcode.