This is where the logon details are set and recorded.




  • To log off from the current user. Message "Are you sure you want to log off the current user" will display requesting log off confirmation. 


  • This will refresh data from Readysell to the mobile.
    • Differential : only refresh new data since last refresh
    • Full : full refresh (take longer to run)
  • Allows you to access the overflow menu where you can access other options :
    • Transaction Queue
    • System References
    • Locations
    • Machines

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  1. From the Main Menu, Click Settings.

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    1. Server Host : DNS and Port of your store.
    2. User Name : Log on users
    3. Environment : Production or Tests
    4. Site : Log on store sites
    5. Remember Me : Set ON to save user details for re-logon purpose.