Card Type

This is a feature for Classifying your cards (Customers and Suppliers) by groups. I.e. You may want to group your customers by Schools or Post Offices. 

  1. From the navigation panel, double-click Administration> Card Types.
  2. The Card Type browse window appears

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  3. The left hand side lists all Card Types currently available.  As you click on each one, the right hand side displays the Code and Description of that Card Type.  Both fields are editable on the right hand side to which you can then hit the save button to save changes made to the existing Code and Description.  (It is not recommended that you make changes to this information without consulting with Readysell or your management.
  4. Click on button New
  5. The Card Type window appears ready for entry of a new Card Type

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    1. Key in a new Code for the Card Type
    2. Key in a new Description for the Card Type
  6. Click on button Save and Close to save this new Card Type

Once you have created the Card type you then have to place it in the customer card located near the Card ID.

From the Navigation panel (left hand side of your screen)
Double click on Relationships
Left click on Cards

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