Best Practice Guide - Administration

Get security right with users and roles

The user guide explains how to manage security with users and roles. Review the documentation

Plan the roles that apply to your business and the security levels you are going to allow to users

Ensure all users are in an appropriate role

Review you role and user plan every three months

Turn operator entry on for workstations used for sales by many users, such as pos workstations. Then setup operator codes for your users. That way each transaction will be logged against the correct user, without having to log out

Check your ticket list once a week

Check your tickets once a week. Sometimes tickets are delayed for good reason. But if you notice any tickets that seem to be taking longer than expected, give us a call to discuss

Use product categories to drive financials and sales reports

Setup non-stock categories for all your services, this applies in all cases but particularly if you are using the service module

Check the general ledger account overrides to direct service changes to the right general ledger accounts