Stock Quantity Adjustments


Stock quantity adjustments are on the inventory branch of the navigation panel 

  • In order to test sales you need to have stock on hand. The only easy ways to get stock on hand for a product is to do a purchase receipt or a stock adjustment. Stock adjustments are the most convenient for training purposes. 
  • Stock adjustments can have many lines. So you can adjust as many products as you want on a single adjustment transaction. 
  • If the product requires serial numbers when purchased you have to create serial numbers to adjust the stock. 
  • Stock adjustments have a defined list of allowable reasons for adjusting the stock. Such as breakage etc. Each reason for adjustment posts the value of the adjustment to different general ledger accounts. 

Getting Started



Default ReasonUpdate Stock Quantity adjustment reason for all stock quantity adjustment lines.


TypeThis is the transaction type for this stock quantity adjustment (i.e: STKQTY (Stock Quantity Adjustment)
NumberThe transaction number of the stock quantity adjustment
StatusStatus is the updated feature on any entry/transaction made within readysell.
DateThe date and time (local to the workstation) when the action took place.
SiteSite for that Customer
ValueThe total value of the stock quantity adjustment

Lines tab

ProductThe product ID and product.
Adjustment QuantityA product can be stock adjusted by entering the adjustment quantity either as a positive or negative value which will either increase or decrease the quantity on hand of the product entered.

The location from which the adjustment is being made. If the stock qty for the product you are adjusting it for is split up into different locations, this line of adjustment qty must be according to that particular location on this line.

Make sure you are adjusting the stock on the correct location otherwise it may come up that you do not have enough stock to adjust

Stock Quantity Adjustment TypeThese are system governed. Please select the reason for adjustment according to the drop down list in this field.
Account SiteThis is the GL code linked to the stock quantity adjustment type which will automatically populate when you select the adjustment type. You do not need to select or change this.
DescriptionThis is a manual description as to why you are adjusting this stock line. Any description can be put into this field which will help management know why you are processing this adjustment.

Line Details

Generate Labels buttonGenerate labels for the highlighted product lines on the stock quantity adjustment
Old Quantity On HandThe old quantity on hand for this line
New Quantity On HandThis is the new quantity on hand for this line
Unit Cost Ex TaxThis field shows the unit cost excluding tax for this line
ValueThis field shows the value for this line


Account SiteThe GL code that the stock quantity adjustment/s are linked to
NarrativeThe narrative for the dissection
Debit ValueThis is the debit value of the dissection
Credit ValueThis field shows the credit value for this dissection
DescriptionThis field contains a description of the dissection


LocationThe location for the movement for the product highlighted in the stock adjustment above
QuantityThe quantity of products on the stock movement archive for the product highlighted in the stock adjustment above
Original Each Cost Ex TaxThe original cost of each item movement, excluding tax, for the product highlighted in the stock adjustment above
Each Cost Ex TaxThe cost of each item, excluding tax, for the product highlighted in the stock adjustment above

Value Ex Tax

The total value of the product movement, excluding tax, for the product highlighted in the stock adjustment above. The value is calculated as the cost of each item multiplied by the quantity of items

Serial Numbers

InsertThis is a button for inserting a serial number for this adjustment. You may need to insert the serial numbers for the stock you are writing off or you may have stock you are writing on that needs to have serial numbers added at the same time for it.
NumberThis is the serial number entered/selected for this stock quantity adjustment

General Tab

PeriodThe period in which the stock quantity adjustment occurred in
ReceiptThe purchase receipt that may be linked to this adjustment
ShipmentThe sales shipment that may be linked to this adjustment