Price Book Runs


Price book runs are used to update products with the latest information, particularly sell prices and markups. Data is extracted from the price book, then reviewed, and finally posted to the product file.

Customers who are part of the Office National, Office Products Depot or O-NET buying groups will periodically receive updates to the price book from their head office through Readysell. You can see what new data has been received by going to Product Import Rules under the Administration menu. The price book may also be updated manually from spreadsheets and other sources.

Getting started



Refer to Common Buttons.

ExtractGenerate the lines for this price book run
PostUpdate your products with your changes shown in this price book run
ParametersShow the parameters used to extract this price book run


TypeThis is the transaction type for Price Book Runs (PBKRUN (Price Book RUn))
NumberThe transaction number for this Price Book Run
StatusThe status of the price book run - Open means that it has been run but has not changed anything about the product file yet until you click on the button Post. Do not click on Post until you have reviewed the results and made any changes to the data.
DateThe date and time the price book is being created
NameThe name of the price book run (not a compulsory field but it's there if you want to name it with why you why you are running it so that it could give you an indication later as to why you ran that price book run)

Price Book Run Lines

ProductProduct that is in the price book run
Match OnWhat the change was based on
FieldWhat field was affected
Old ValueThe old value of the field before the run
New ValueThe new value of the field after the run