Available Stock Quantity Adjustment Types


The overall structure is as follows:
Products have product categories. Normally products are in a child product category. Settings controlling the child product category, like gl account and stock quantity adjustment types, are normally set up on the parent product category and "inherited" by the child product categories.
Product categories have stock adjustment types. Those types for each product category limit the kind of stock quantity adjustments that are allowed for products in that product category.
Stock adjustment types are set up on a tab on each product category. You can use the new button on the stock adjustment type tab on the (usual parent) product category to add new stock adjustment types for that category and all its children. There is no particular limit to the number of stock adjustment types you can set up for any product category. However, there is a fixed list of reasons allowed for stock adjustment types. You have to pick one for each stock adjustment type. You can only use the reasons that are already there.
​Stock adjustment reasons are on a separate list that you can see on system administration. Those reasons are built into Readysell and are used to create new stock adjustment types as noted above.
*Stock adjustment types with some reasons are used internally by the system and cannot be used on stock adjustment eg 'Location transfer' and 'Automatic Adjustments'.
*The stock adjustment reason, which is the first field on each stock adjustment type, is built into readysell.  While you add new stock adjustment types, you cannot add new reasons.

You can modify/add Stock Quantity Adjustment types to the Product Category as follows:

Modifying Stock Quantity Adjustment Reasons

Readysell initially sets up the Mandatory Adjustment Reasons and the corresponding general ledger accounts.
These can be changed if need be.

If the Stock Adjustment Type does not exist you will first need to set up the General Ledger Account to stand for that Reason beforehand. Creating/ Modifying a general ledger account 

Whatever Stock Quantity Adjustment Type is set to 'Is Default' this is the General Ledger account that will be used for Stocktakes.
Do not change the Stock Qty Adjustment that is set to Default.

    Step 1 Setting Up General Ledger Account
      If you need more General Ledger Stock Quantity Adjustment accounts, then set these up first.

      Click on this link and follow instructions on how to add a general ledger account 

Creating/ Modifying a general ledger account

    Step 2 Adding an Available Stock Quantity Adjustment Type
  1. From the Navigational panel, click Administration> Product Categories
  2. Select a category name from the list view (usually the 'available stock quantity adjustment types' are on the parent account for stock controlled )
  3. Click on tab Accounts then Available Stock Quantity Adjustment Types in the detail area

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  4. If you wish to add a New Reason click on New if you wish to just change the General ledger Account, Click on the Account For Quantity Variance and make a selection from the Chart. 
  5. Select one of the Adjustment Reasons from the list

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  6. Select the General Ledger account that you wish this reason to dissect against.

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  7. Click Save and Close