Stock Transfers Out


Stock transfer out feature, only available for multi-sites store, is used to transfer stock between sites. From a workflow perspective a stock transfer out is followed by the corresponding stock transfer in. 
You must be signed in as the user for the FROM Site and user for the IN Site

This feature is not available in Readysell Lite. 

A stock transfer out uses FIFO costing as it is a reduction in stock.
A stock transfer out will transfer all stock available in units of EACH.
When a stock transfer out is POSTED it will create a stock transfer in.
You must log in as a user for the TO SITE to check, accept and post the stock transfer in.
When the stock transfer in is posted it will use the same FIFO cost that was on the stock transfer out

Getting Started



Refer to Common Buttons.

Send To PickStatus change from Open to Pending to indicate that the stock transfer out picking list is ready 
 PickStatus change from Pending to In Progress to indicate that picking is in progress 
 FinaliseStatus change from In Progress to Posted to indicate that the transfer is completed

Re-openAllows you to re-open an In Progress stock transfer out in case the product unit needs to be changed if insufficient stock in another unit.  Usually not found out until ready for picking.




TypeThe transaction type (TRNOUT(Transfer Out))
NumberThe number for the transaction.
StatusThe transaction's current status
DateThe date that the stock transfer in took place.
From SiteThis is the from site from this transfer
To SiteThis is the to site for this transfer
Transfer typeThis is the stock transfer type
Transfer InThis is the stock transfer in transaction number for this transfer out
Workflow Status

The workflow progress status for this stock transfer out.

Picking status indicates that this is being worked on by a picker to avoid duplication of work by other pickers

PickerThe stock picker assigned to the stock transfer out

Lines Tab

ProductProduct ID of the product for stock transfer out
Product NameThe name of the product
QuantityThe quantity for this line
Unit See Product Unit Reference e.g. EACH(1)
Unit Quantity On HandThe quantity of this item that is available at this site.
LocationThe location of product. See Locations reference
Cost Ex TaxThis field shows the Cost Ex Tax for this line
Has NotesChecked if the stocktake has notes.

Line Details

Unit Cost Ex TaxThis field shows the unit cost excluding tax for this line
Unit Quantity On HandThe quantity of this item that is available at this site.

Line Notes

Line Notes Any notes for this line 

Serial Numbers

NumberSerial number of the product 
ProductProduct ID of the product for stock transfer out 


Account SiteAccount ID for the stock transfer out and transfer in values 
Debit ValueThis is the debit value of the dissections
Credit ValueThis field shows the Credit value for this dissection
NarrativeThe narrative for the dissection
DescriptionThis field contains a description of the dissection



Associated ProductsShow a list of products associated to the product on the selected line
Price Book EntriesShows a list of price book entries related to the product on the selected line
Set Date RangeDisplay stock transfers created in the date range  
Product HistoryShow transaction history for the current product
Show Product Movement AllocationOpens the product movement allocation for the selected product movement. This is not available for all product movement types.


LocationStock location
QuantityThe quantity of product being moved
Original Each Cost Ex TaxThe original cost of each item, excluding tax
Each Cost Ex TaxThe cost of each item, excluding tax
Value Ex TaxThe total value of the product movement, excluding tax. The value is calculated as the cost of each item multiplied by

General Tab

PeriodThe period in which the stocktake occurred.
Ref NumThe reference number for the stock transfer
Cost Ex TaxThe total cost of items excluding tax