Handling sales order for customers that don't want back orders

If a customer card was set to not allow sales back orders, Auto-warehouse used to wait until 100% of the sale order was allocated. In some cases this was not be ideal. As a result, we have changed the way Auto-warehouse handles customers that do not allow sales back orders.

There are now two ways of handling customers that don't want back orders:

  1. Turn off the Back Order Allowed check-box located in Cards>Settings>Customer Settings:

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    1.  As soon as one shipment is posted for the sale order, the sale order's status will be changed to "Posted"
    2. Any order lines that were not supplied by the first sale shipment will never be supplied
    3. Auto-Warehouse will:
      1. wait until the sale order reaches the Min Allocation %, just like any other orders
      2. wait after releasing one shipment. It will not release any more shipments for the order as long as one shipment exists for the order
  2. Set the Max Shipments/Sale to 1 located in Cards>Settings>Customer Settings:

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    1. The system will not allow any shipments for the order until all of the lines on the order are fully allocated
    2. Once all the lines are allocated, Auto-warehouse will release a sale shipment for the full amount ordered on all the sale order lines