Tasks in Readysell are jobs that can be run either on a schedule or manually to perform some automated or batch action. Examples of tasks include nightly backups, generation of recurring transactions and batch uploading of data to third party systems.

Tasks that require to be run for your system to operate correctly are scheduled based on the Standard task schedule.

Any changes to a task's schedule or status (i.e. enabling/disabling) will not take effect until after the ReadysellServer service is restarted.

Getting Started

The topics in this section provide you with information about how to use the tasks functionality within Readysell.


Here is a full list of tasks in Readysell.

Task NameDescriptionParameters
Allocate Open Sale Orders

Allocate Outstanding Orders

Auto End ShiftsTask to auto end the shift
Auto Generate Reports

Auto Increase Meter Charges

Automatic WarehousingCreate shipment base on allocation and other specific rules in Sites>Settings>Automated WarehousingRefer to Sites>Settings>Automated Warehousing

Build Offline Dissections

Calculate Product Movement Allocations

Calculate Sales Actual Movement

Clear Accounts 

Convert RTF Fields To HTML

Create Action Items
  • MachineExpiryAlertDays
  • NoSalesAlertDays- Value= You can use to set the number of days. 
Data Clean Up

Execute Transaction Queue

eBay SyncLoad "Display ob eBay" flagged products to an eBay store
  • FolderId
  • LastRunGetOrders
  • LastRunListProducts

  • RegisteredForNotifications
  • RetryCount
  • RetryTimeout
Generate And Send Email BatchesYou can set the system to automate emailing of Statements, Sales Invoices, Accounts Follow up reminders
  • EnableGenerateAndSendAccountsReceivableFollowUpEmailBatch- False

  • EnableGenerateAndSendAccountsReceivableFollowUpSmsBatch 

  • EnableGenerateAndSendSaleInvoiceEmailBatch- True

  • EnableGenerateAndSendStatementsEmailBatch 

  • GenerateAndSendAccountsReceivableFollowUpEmailBatchDays- 08

  • GenerateAndSendAccountsReceivableFollowUpSmsBatchDays

  • GenerateAndSendAccountsReceivableFollowUpSmsBatchThreshold 

  • GenerateAndSendSaleInvoiceEmailBatchCriteria- TransactionType.Code != 'SALMCI' && TransactionType.Code != 'SRVINV'

    (-Set any of the "...Day" parameters on the "Generate And Send Email Batches" task to be a negative number. -1 is the last day of the month, -2 is the second last day, etc.
    -If the "..WorkingDay" parameter is set to "True", then only working days will be ConsideredGenerateAndSendStatementsEmailBatchDay )

  • LastRunGenerateAndSendEmailBatches 

  • LastRunGenerateAndSendSaleInvoiceEmailBatch- 1/02/2015 7:00:00 PM

  • GenerateAndSendAccountsReceivableFollowUpEmailBatchCriteria - False
  • GenerateAndSendAccountsReceivableFollowUpSmsBatchCriteria - False
Generate Custom Fields

Generate Product Price Levels

Generate Recurring Transactions

The task will generate calls, recurring sale run for the customer automatically.

This is used for Call cycles in Cards> contacts where the ability is to track objectives and outcomes and introduced automated call cycles for regular follow-ups.

Generate Service Orders

Generate Test Database

Import and Parse Emails

Initialise Stock Allocation

Invoice Pre-ordered Products

Nightly Chain

Office Brands Business Intelligence

Office Brands Category Sync

Office Brands Competitor Price

Office Brands End of Day Sync

Office Brands Product Import
  • LastRunProductImport
Office Brands Sync
  • ForceFullPriceUpdate- Send prices to web
  • LastRunContractUpdate
  • LastRunProductUpdate
  • RetryCount
  • RetryTimeout
Populate Loyalty PointsClearExistingPoints
Post Price Change Runs

Post Transactions

Progress WorkflowUpdate the status on sale quotes to have an expiry date based upon the value on the settings on the system reference type = QUOTE-EXPIRY-DAYS
RankingTask set to run every saturday based upon assigning a value for the number of days to rank. This task ranks both customers and product, and defaults to 90 dayshttps://readysell.atlassian.net/wiki/x/pgAoAQ
Readysell ToolsTools for use by Readysell support and development team onlyWe created the Readysell tools task to import product images from websites. As well as such other specialised features the Readysell support team might need in the future.
Rebuild Bankings

Rebuild Dissections

Rebuild GST Items

Rebuild Open Items

Rebuild Product Movements

Rebuild Shift Detail

Refresh Balances
  • Criteria
  • DeleteDuplicateDissections
  • MonthsBack
  • RefreshAccountSiteDailyTotals
  • RefreshBudgetClosingBalance
  • RefreshCardAverages- This can be used to re-calculate the averages. Otherwise, averages are automatically calculated whenever an invoice is posted.
  • RefreshCardBalances
  • RefreshGeneralLedgerBalances
  • RefreshGeneralLedgerDailyBalances
  • RefreshHeaderValues
  • RefreshOpenItemBalance
  • ReMapDissections
Refresh CubesA cube is an alias file that stores data and fields. The task is set to run to update and refresh the cubes. Once this task is complete you can run reports against each one of the files.
  • RefreshProductSiteSales
  • RefreshPurchasesByPeriodByProduct
  • RefreshSalesByDay
  • RefreshSalesByDayByCategory
  • RefreshSalesByDayByCustomer 
  • RefreshSalesByDayByCustomerByCategory 
  • RefreshSalesByDayByCustomerByCategoryByTerritoryBySalePerson 
  • RefreshSalesByDayByCustomerByCustomFieldValue 
  • RefreshSalesByDayByCustomerByProduct 
  • RefreshSalesByDayByCustomerByTerritoryBySalePerson 
  • RefreshSalesByDayByCustomFieldValue 
  • RefreshSalesByDayByMachine 
  • RefreshSalesByDayByProduct 
  • RefreshSalesByDayByProductByMachine 
  • RefreshSalesByDayBySaleArea 
  • RefreshSalesByDayBySalePerson 
  • RefreshSalesByDayBySite 
  • RefreshSalesByDayBySiteByCategory 
  • RefreshSalesByDayByTechnician 
  • RefreshSalesByDayByTerritory 
  • RefreshSalesByPeriodByCustomer 
  • RefreshSalesByPeriodByCustomerByProduct 
  • RefreshSalesByPeriodByProduct
  • RefreshSalesByPeriodBySupplier 
  • RefreshSalesByPeriodBySupplierByProduct 
  • RefreshSalesByProduct 
  • RefreshSalesBySiteByProduct 
  • RefreshSalesByTechnicianByDate 
  • RefreshServicesByDayBySiteByCustomer 
  • RefreshServicesByDayBySiteByCustomerByProduct 
  • RefreshStockByDayBySiteByCategory
Refresh Display Names

Refresh Product Data

Refresh Product Image Data

Refresh Product Movement Balance

Run Integrity Checks


Temporary Task

Update Exchange Rates

Update Periods

Auto-close and open periods based on specified parameters. If there are transactions types that still need to be finalised the system will display the messages in the log entries of what periods were closed and what were not closed and why whilst the task is running.

  • AutoClosePeriodDays defaults to 2 used in auto-close previous periods where there is no outstanding items. The value in the field eg 2 means close the period 2 days after the end of month.
  • StartDate is used in the conversion process for new site e.g., create periods from the start date. If this field is blank the task will run for all open periods
Update Product Price Category