Transaction Type

Note that the table is alphabetically listed on Code to assist the look-up process.

Navigation Location CodeDescription
Relationships                           BATEMLBatch Email
Bulk Update RunsBLKRUNBulk Update Run
Financials>Cash BookCBKCOICash Out (In)
CBKCOOCash Out (Out)
CBKDEPMiscellaneous Cashbook Deposit
CBKLBCLay-By Cancellation Fee
CBKLBPLay-By Payment
CBKLBRLay-By Refund
CBKLRDLay-By Rounding Payment
CBKORCCustomer Order Cancellation Fee
CBKORDOrder Rounding Payment
CBKORPCustomer Order Payment
CBKORRCustomer Order Refund
CBKPAYMiscellaneous Cashbook Payment
Financials>Cash BookCBKRECBank Reconciliation
CBKTRNMiscellaneous Cashbook Transfer
CBKVRNNegative Cash Count Variance
CBKVRPPositive Cash Count Variance
Relationships CRDALCCard Allocation
Sales>ShiftsCSHCNTCash Count
Relationships CUSCMPCustomer Campaign
CUSPRI Customer Contract Pricing 
Inventory>Customer TransactionsCUSCRECustomer Credit
CUSDEBCustomer Debit
CUSPAYCustomer Payment
Sales GIFREGGift Registry
Financials     GLJMANGeneral Ledger Manual Journal
GLJREVGeneral Ledger Reversing Journal
GLJSTDGeneral Ledger Standing Journal
GLSTANGeneral Ledger Standing Journal Template
Administration INTCHKIntegrity Check
Service       MCRINVMeterCountRun Invoice
MCRSHPMeterCountRun Shipment
METADJMeter Count Adjustment
METCHGMeter Charge Run
MTCRUNMeter Count Run
MMURUN Min/Max Update Run 
Inventory     PBKRUNPrice Book Run
PCHRUNPrice Change Run
PRDLBLProduct Label
PRDMALProduct Movement Allocation
???PHOINV Photocopier Suggested Invoice 
Purchasing     PURCRDPurchase Credit
PURINVPurchase Invoice
PURORDPurchase Order
PURRECPurchase Order Stock Receipt
PURSUGPurchase Suggested Order
Sales                                  SALBATBatch Shipment
SALCCRCustomer Credit Request
SALCNTMeter Count Shipment
SALCRDSales Credit
SALDLYSale Delivery
SALHCLSale Hire Collection
SALHDLSale Hire Delivery
SALHINSale Hire Invoice
SALHLDSale Holding
SALINVTax Invoice
SALIRNSale Invoice Run
SALLABSale Shipment Label
SALLAYLay-By Sales/Credit
SALLBILay-By Invoice
SALLBSLay-By Shipment
SALLCILay-By Cancellation Invoice
SALLCSLay-By Cancellation Shipment
SALMCIMeter Charge Invoice
SALMCSMeter Charge Sale Shipment
SALOCICustomer Order Cancellation Invoice
SALOCSCustomer Order Cancellation Shipment
SALOINTax Invoice (Ordered Goods)
SALORDSale Order
SALPORSale Run(Invoice Preordered Products)
SALRETSale Return
SALSHPSale Shipment
SALSRNSale Shipment Run
SALSTDSale Standing
SALWEBSale Web Order
SALWINWeb Tax Invoice
SALWSHWeb Sale Shipment
Service            SERJOBService Job
SRVACTService Order Activity
SRVCALService Order Call
SRVCUSService Agreement
SRVINVService Order Invoice
SRVORDService Order
SRVQUOService Order Quote
SRVRETService Return
SRVSHPService Order Shipment
SRVSUPSupplier Service Agreement
SRVTMPService Order Template
SRVWARService Order Warranty
Inventory         STKALCStock Allocation
STKAUTAuto Generated Stock Quantity Adjustment
STKCRDSupplier Credit Request
STKDISSupplier Credit Dispatch
STKLOCStock Location Transfer
STKLTAStock Location Transfer Adjustment
STKQTYStock Quantity Adjustment
STKREPStock Replenishment Run
Relationships>Supplier Transactions     SUPCRESupplier Credit
SUPDEBSupplier Debit
SUPPAYSupplier Manual Payment
SUPRECSupplier Payment Reconciliation
SUPSUGPayment Run
Inventory  TRNINTransfer In
TRNOUTTransfer Out