Customer Credits

Customer Credit Notes are purely Non Stock Financial Transactions from within the Card.

They have no effect on the Physical Stock Movement, that is the increase or decrease of Stock on Hand.

Usually Customer Credit is used to write off a bad debt or for a write off to Discount Allowed (trade debtors) for a minimal outstanding amount of a few cents that the customer may have underpaid.

If stock is sold and/or stock is returned you would not insert a Cusdeb or Cuscre you would go back to the source transaction and do a Salcrd.

Do not dissect a cusdeb or cuscre against any other general ledger account other than a type of expense gl account, eg trade debtor discount, freight outwards, bad debt written off etc.

Getting Started



There are no custom buttons for this list. Refer to Common Buttons.




The transaction type eg CUSCRE (Customer credit) The first three characters of the transaction type defines the module the transaction stands for, the next three characters defines the type of transaction it is. For eg SALINV, SAL = Sales and INV = Invoice ; CUSPAY CUS = customer PAY = Payment and so on.


The transaction number of the customer credit


A Status is the updated feature on any entry/transaction made within readysell.


Is the date and time (local to the workstation) of what the cuscre was assigned at the time it was entered.


The customer card id and name


A description or reference that best describes the entry of the customer credit.

Tax Value

Is the total value of all tax applied to the open item.

Value Inc Tax

The value of the credit including tax

Lines Tab

Account SiteAccount Site, select the correct General Ledger Account.
DescriptionA description for the customer credit (for reference purposes only). Can be different to the header description
Value Ex TaxThe value of the transaction (excluding tax)
Tax CodeThe tax code associated with the customer credit.
Tax ValueShows the total value of all tax applied to the open item
Value Inc TaxThe value of the transaction (including tax)

Line Details

Value Ex Tax

General tab

SiteThe site that this workstation defaults to.
PeriodThe period comes from the date of the credit.
Charge ToThe card to which the Credit is being charged to