Entering a Bank Transfer

A Bank Transfer is a electronic payment that is made directly from your bank account to another bank account.
Eg a payment made from your master bank account to your Visa Credit Card Account.- (in other words a bank-to-bank transfer/payment). 

If a transfer of money is presented on your bank statement, use the Bank Transfer to action this, do not do a Bank Payment.

Setting Up a Bank Transfer from One Bank Account to Another Bank Account

  1. Navigate to Financials> 'Bank Transfers'
  2. Click on 'New'
  3. If you are working off a bank statement then use the date of the bank statement, however, if you are physically making the transfer now enter today's date.
  4. Select the 'From Account Site' (from a bank account)
  5. Select the 'To Account Site' (to a bank account)
  6. Enter the full value of the bank transfer.
  7. Enter a description as to why you are making the bank transfer

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  8. Click on 'Finalise' to complete the transfer. 
  9. The system will generate a Bank Deposit and a Bank Payment. The system will also give you both transaction Numbers within the view.

    A bank transfer will be created and linked to both the payment and deposit.

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