Form Reports


Form reports included all the standard transaction documents you send to your customers and suppliers. Such as invoices, statements, purchaseorders, gst reports etc. Readysell includes a report writer allowing you to customise those reports or have Readysell customise them for you, but we do not recommend you do so. If you do, you do so at your own risk.

There is a detailed list of all the available form reports in the Key Form Reports Overview.

Getting started

Stick to the standard built in report layouts for invoices, statements and other external reports

While Readysell comes with a report writer allowing you to copy and change any of the built in reports. Do not customise invoices, statements or any of the built in reports. Readysell does not recommend customising reports you send to other businesses and provides no warranty on such reports, even if Readysell builds the custom report for you. Readysell can't guarantee custom reports are correct or will continue to work. The reasons being as follows:

  • Readysell can't test your custom reports to make sure they work with new upgrades. So any custom report you make may break due to an upgrade at any time. This does not suit mission critical reports like invoices
  • Any customised report may break at any time. If you change a statement or invoice layout and a update to Readysell breaks your report, Readysell will charge you to fix the custom report!
  • Support is more difficult if your report is not like other sites
  • If you are an Office Brands dealer, you should definitely stick to the standard reports. Office Brands have agreed a standard set of reports that Readysell is to deploy to all dealers. Our invoices, statements etc. have been approved by Office Brands and agree to Office Brands standards for reporting to customers and suppliers

Running Form Reports

To run form reports select the form report option from the Readysell 8 navigation bar. Make sure the filter on the home tab on the ribbon toolbar at the top of the application has 'All Reports' selected. Then find the report category and report name in the last as specified for each report below. Highlight the required report then click on the 'Execute Report' button on the ribbon toolbar. Most reports require parameters. If so fill in the parameters for the report and click on the 'Submit' button to run the report. While the report is running a progress bar displays at the bottom left hand side of the window. Pages preview as the report runs even before the report is finished.

Additional Resources

Using the End-User Report Designer

The topics in this section describe how you can use and customize the End-User Report Designer for Windows Forms application that is shipped with the XtraReports Suite.

Video: XtraReports 101: End-User Report Designer

The End-User can learn how to edit and create new reports using the End User Report Designer. This video shows the basics of the End User Report Designer including its elements and how to modify them.

Video: XtraReports 101: Wizard in End-User Report Designer

Learn how to quickly create reports using the Wizard in the End User Report Designer. This video shows you the steps that will allow you to create a new report from scratch and also include summaries, grouping and layout.