Report schedule parameters


Form, List and Analysis reports can be scheduled to be generated automatically on a periodic basis. The scheduling process involves selecting a parameter type that you want to run the report with and then defining the parameters.

Sometimes though, you will not be able to pre-set a value that makes sense each time the report is run. An example of this is when you are setting a "Start Date" or "End Date" field. If you wanted a report to run for the last 7 days, filling a start date or end date into the "Value" field might work okay for when the report runs today, but will be out of date tomorrow. In these cases you need to fill in a "parameter".

Available parameters

TodayParameterToday's date.
YesterdayParameterYesterday's date.
ThisMonthStartParameterThe first day of the current month.
AddMonths('@LastMonthStartParameter', 1)The End of the Current month.
LastMonthStartParameterThe first day of the previous month.
CurrentDateMinus7DaysParameterThe date 7 days ago.
CurrentDateMinus14DaysParameterThe date 14 days ago.
CurrentDateMinus30DaysParameterThe date 30 days ago.
CurrentDateMinus60DaysParameterThe date 60 days ago.
CurrentDateMinus90DaysParameterThe date 90 days ago.
CurrentDateMinus120DaysParameterThe date 120 days ago.
CurrentDateMinus6MonthsParameterThe date 6 months ago.
CurrentWorkstationIDParameterThe ID of the current workstation.
CurrentSiteIdParameterThe ID of the current site.
CurrentRegionNameParameterThe region name of the current site.
CurrentRoleNameParameterThe Role of the current user.
CurrentPeriodParameterThe current month. 
LastPeriodParameterLast month
CurrentFinancialYearParameterThe Current financial year
LastFinancialYearParameterLast financial year
ThisQuarterStartPeriodParameterThis quarter start date
ThisQuarterEndPeriodParameterThis quarter End date
LastQuarterStartPeriodParameterLast quarter start date
LastQuarterEndPeriodParameterLast quarter End date

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