Troubleshooting Scanner Issues in Readysell 8

In Readysell 8, Barcode scanner are set in COM mode to allow Product and Report barcodes to be scanned into the system. Listed below are a few troubleshooting steps which you can use to resolve issues when the scanner isn't responding in Readysell:

The scanner is scanning the barcode but the doesn't appear on in Readysell?

There are a few possibles reasons why this occur, but the most common are:

  • The scanner has been disconnect from the workstation.
  • The COM port which the scanner is used doesn't match to the one used in the workstation settings in Readysell for that workstation.
  • The scanner have been disconnect from workstation while the Readysell is still running.

These steps below can he help the issue. Please ensure that the Readysell program is closed before completed these steps:

  • Please ensure that the scanner is connected to the workstation (If this is a wireless scanner, please ensure the scanner is connect to the base and the base has power).
  • Ensure the driver for the scanner has been installed properly and the scanner is set in COM mode.
  • Open the device manager and review "Ports (COM & LPT)" section of device manager. Usually, there would be a reference to the COM driver for the Scanner (Please reference to the scanner's manual for more information). Once you have found the scanner in the list, take note of the port which it is using.
  • Once you have confirmed the COM port of the scanner, Open Readysell 8 and navigate the workstation module (When logging into the Readysell, ensure you login a management staff member to make change if required).
  • Once you have access the workstation module, selected the workstation which this scanner is connected to and open the General settings tab.
  • Inside this tab, go to the section labelled "Scanner Settings". Inside this section, you will need to review the following:
    • Scanner Port: This link to the COM Port using by the Barcode Scanner. Type into the field "COM" followed by the number link to the scanner. E.g. COM6
    • Scanner Type: This refers to the type of brand of scanner used with the workstation. If the brands of scanner is not available in the drop down list, select "Honeywell".
  • Once this has been corrected, save the changes, closed Readysell and re-open Readysell.
  • After open the Readysell, test the scanner by scanning product barcode, if the barcode is doesn't registering in Readysell, Contact Readysell support to investigate the matter further.

The scanner is scanning the products in Readysell but they are not entering into the sale order line?

 If this issue occurs the scanner is no longer in COM Mode and revert to set back to USB mode. In this mode, it doesn't have the ability to associated the barcode to specific line and enters the data where the cursor is place. Convert the scanner back into COM mode and restart the Readysell program.