Adding or Editing report layouts in Workstations

When you require to use a specific report for a workstation or require to change the criteria for a layout to print at a certain time, the operator will need to change those details in report settings within the workstation module. Before changing the report settings workstations, please check the following:

  • Ensure that reports your changing to are set to "enabled" in "Reports" module. If a report is not enabled, it will not appear as option to select in the report settings.
  • When changing the workstation settings, ensure your have selected the correct workstation your working on. When applying printers to the layouts, it can only select the printers which are available on workstation. 
  • Only Manager Level or Readysell Support level users have permission to make these changes.    
  • Changing an existing layout in workstation report settings does not change the criteria or printer used with that layout.  
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Adding/Editing a report layout to report settings
  1. Open the Workstations to report settings and select the workstation that you want to change.

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  2. In the Report settings, click on the New. This created a new report line below.

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  3. Once the new line has been created (Or the operator has selected the report the operator wants to change), the following drop down fields can be modified:
    • Form Report: The form report layout that will be used. This is where the operator can apply the report they need.
    • Form Report Data Type:The data type that the layout represents. 
    • Print Device: The UNC path to the printer that will be used for printing the layout. The printer can be selected from the Drop down menu or typed in the field. Ensure that the printer is available on the workstation and name is applied correctly to the report settings tab. Leave blank to allow selection of a printer.
    • Copies: The number of copies of the report that will be printed each time.
    • Copies (Account): The number of additional copies of the report that will be printed for account sales (i.e. sales where the tender method is "Customer")
    • Automatically Print: Whether the report should print automatically. If not enabled, a preview will be shown first.
    • Criteria:

      criteria string that filters cases for when this layout will be used. Can be used to (for example):

      • Use a specific layout based on the tender methods used on a sale
      • Only automatically print layouts when a transaction has a certain status
      • Print different layouts for different sites
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  4. Once you have applied the details to the report lines and enter in the criteria, saves the changes the report settings. 
To apply the defaults set of report settings

In Readysell "Workstations" report settings, there is a button called "Populate from Presets" which allows you to select the from 4 options to apply Readysell standards layouts. The options are Back Office (Landscape), Back Office (Portrait), Point of Sale (Landscape) and Point of Sale (Portrait). The main different between the "Back Office" Presets and "Point of Sale" Presets is that the Point of Sale Presets are designed to be used with docket (receipt) printers. Once you have selected one of the options it will automatically fill report settings with the standards layouts and use the default printer to fill the layouts Print devices. These presets also contain Readysell default criteria for the layouts.    

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