Scanner COM Port Setting for Purchase Receipt Scanning

To use a scanner for Purchase Receipt Scanning you will need to install COM drivers for the scanner used. Once it is installed you will need to determine what COM port is assigned to the scanner:

  1. Right Click "Computer" and click "Manage"

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  2. Click "Device Manager" and select "Ports (COM & LPT) this will display in brackets your COM number. In this example it is (COM6)

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  3. From the Navigation panel click "Administration" and then select "Workstations"

  4.  Select the workstation the scanner is installed on and click on tab "Settings"
     Type "COM6" in the "Scanner Port" Field and Click "Save".  

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When applying the scanner to a workstation, please ensure that Sales Scan Checking and Purchasing Scan Checking are set to Required. If there is no scanner connected, please set to View.