Profit & Loss


 A financial statement that summarizes the revenues, costs and expenses incurred during a specific period of time

Image of report result

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Running the report

  1. n the Navigation panel, go to Reports then Form Reports.
  2. In the list of reports find the category General Ledger then select Profit & Loss

  3. Select a parameter some options may be as per image

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  4. Click on Show Report Using Parameters, screen as per below will appear depending on the parameter select

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  5. Enter the statement date   
  6. Select 30DaysBalance, 60DaysBalance, 90DaysBalance or 120DaysBalance.
  7. Start Customer and End Customer fields
    1. If you require all customers leave both fields blank
    2. If you require 1 customers key in same customers id into both fields
    3. If you require specific range of customers based on customers id enter start customer id and end customer id for that range. 
  8. Click OK and report runs
  9. Result appears as above image (Image of report result) depending on parameters.

Use Case