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Readysell will provide you with a online link to your own custom version of this checklist.  We will then work with you to agree on a plan for your Readysell project based on the checklist below.  You need to complete as much of the checklist below as you can before you start the project.  You will need to revisit, review and adjust this checklist as the project proceeds.

Your Readysell implementation plan will be tailored to your exact needs.  You may want a lot of personal help with the project or you may like using the training materials, you may not need to complete some of the steps below.  We will help you understand all the planning options and together we will put together a project plan that suits you. 

Both Readysell and Readysell Go sites use the same project planning approach.  We just invest more time in some steps depending on which solution you have decided to use.

We don't set a go live date at the start of the project. Your business will go live on Readysell when we all agree you are ready.  We set a go live date for your conversion only after you have singed off on all the stage zero, one and two checklists.

We talk about costs and hours a lot in the checklist below. We can help you plan to minimize costs or to invest more in help.  The decisions are entirely up to you. This is just to ensure we all know what you are up for, so there are no surprises.

Readysell does track staff training time in a shared spreadsheet. Once you tell us who to training and review with a training audit.  Readysell records our training and training audit time on a shared spreadsheet that you can access from the web.

Readysell does not track the week by week progress of the project for you.  We suggest you put together your own plan.  But our focus is ensuring you pass each project milestone by completing the associated project stage approval checklists.  We just want to know when each stage is complete.  See Readysell approval checklists

There a lot of material and checklists to consider.  If you start getting confused or lost in the material or have any other questions.  Just give us a call, we are always glad to help you get the plan right for your Readysell project.

Example project planning scenarios

Planning Checklist

Project milestones
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Estimated Readysell/ Readysell Lite Billable HoursEstimated customer (your) hours
1Planning And Preparation

(Usual Range 4-8 hours)

Mostly this involves working with Readysell to complete this form.

We need to all be in agreement about what we are trying to do, who is doing the work and the budget for work to be performed before the project starts.

The biggest issue with most Readysell projects is that nobody wants to read the manual, plan the project or read the documentation. Getting over this natural inclination to just work things out as you go is the biggest challenge you will have to address.

While completing this stage 0 checklist is probably using more of your time than you would like.  If you can't find the time to complete this planning form, you are never going to find the time to follow the training documentation.  We all need to agree on how much hand holding you will need as part of the project.  Completing this form helps us get a feel for how well you handle having to complete forms and checklists.  Then we can honestly plan around you having the time to read and work from the training materials or not. 

Having an agreed plan also stops a lot of finger pointing later in the project.  We need to let you know who is responsible for which part of the project and what the probable costs are.  So we all know at the start what to expect as the project progresses.

We never get the plan exactly right.  That is why there are project review meetings at the end of stage 1 and stage 2.  To reassess our budget and our plan for the remainder of the project.

Readysell and Readysell Go projects all use the same standard checklists.  We just trim some steps for Readysell Go projects.  But it is important you think about the scope of the project, even if you are skipping or trimming some steps for a Readysell Go implementation

Read the optional planning scenarios attached to this document.  Some of those options may suit your business.

(Usual 1 hour)You may be able to shortcut your planning process if one of the optional scenarios suits you.

Complete an Readysell overview training session so that you know how to navigate around Readysell's menus 
(Usual 2 hours)(Usual 2 hours)Complete a introductory training session to show you how to navigate around Readysell based on the Readysell Overview Training Guide

Review the Readysell Quick Reference Guide and let Readysell know if there are any processes required by your business not covered by the guide.  Readysell Lite sites should review the Readysell Lite User Guide

(Usual Range 2-4 hours)Readysell's quick reference guide and Readysell Lites user guide gives you a summary of the main processes we normally cover during training.  A quick review at the start of the project can help us identify any obvious gaps that exist before we get started with the project

Consider your staff's skill set and your requirements in preparation for the training engagement meeting.

(Usual Range 2-4 hours)Once you understand what Readysell can do consider the skills of your staff before the training engagement meeting.  The training engagement meeting is about defining the training your team needs.  You need to get a few first thoughts in place before the meeting.  You may need some additional initial training to help you prepare for the training engagement meeting.

During the project, you can't just call Readysell when ever you like with questions related to data or training.  You need to:

  • Note down your questions then either:
    • Put in a support ticket by emailing
    • Contact Readysell using live web chat support
    • Bring the questions up at the end of the next training webinar session
    • Schedule in one hour of training time to help you review your questions.  Such sessions must be scheduled in advance

Readysell's support team need to be able to work in an efficient manner.  The support team are to take phone calls only from sites that are on current full Readysell licence agreements.  Otherwise, their time gets too fragmented.

All sites that are in training before go live or which are Readysell go sites can't just call the support team when every you like.  This discipline allows us to do a better support job for all our customers.  We thank you for your patience and compliance with this policy.

See also: 

You may be entitled to some included Readysell remote training hours. You have confirmed the number of included remote training hours, if any, that are available to you.

(Usual Range 0-8 hours)
Sometimes eight hours for Readysell 8 sites, not applicable to Readysell Lite sites

You can pre-purchase additional blocks of ten remote training hours at a discounted rate before you start the project.  You have purchased any additional blocks of training hours required.  You will not be billed for those hours unless they are used.

Note: You will probably need those additional hours if you don't want to self train using the training guide only and you will need them if you want training audits.

Often new sites have trouble making the time to train themselves from the training material or do not want to spend the time to work out how to apply the training materials to their business.  If you take this approach, you will need quite a lot of additional remote training hours. 

(Usual Range 5-20 hours)
It would be very unusual for a site to be able to go live on Readysell without using ten hours additional remote training in addition to any included hours

Agree on data conversion and implementation assistance costs. 

Highly Variable

Readysell sites have a data conversion charge.  We normally wrap up all the project control costs and data conversion into one data conversion charge.

Readysell Go sites have a implementation assistance charge and a smaller data conversion charge.  To cover project management and the smaller scope of data imports we perform for Readysell Go.

All required licence agreements understood, signed off and returned to Readysell

We will be handling your confidential information.  We need the licence agreement signed off to protect all parties.

Equipment reviewed and found to be appropriate or replaced.  Some of the equipment you may need includes:

  • Possible new server
  • Workstation replacements
  • Tablets for picking, deliveries and the Readysell mobile app generally
  • Bar code scanners capable of working in coms mode, which is probably not an option with your current scanners
  • Organize new integrated EFT units from Tyro or your bank

Your teams training and live operations experience will not be as good as it could be if your equipment is not up to spec or if you are missing required equipment when you start training.

Readysell setup:

  • Readysell setup on your server
  • Readysell client setup on all your workstations
  • Team viewer setup on all your workstations

(Usual Range 2-4 hours)We need Readysell setup on all the right computers before we start training.

Book in your Readysell training webinar sessions.  Training webinars are free, your team must attend the all the training webinar sessions listed below before you go live (service is only required if you use the service module)

  • Readysell basics
  • Sales basics
  • Purchasing basics
  • Card and product maitenance basics
  • Service basics (service is only required if you use the service module)
  • Data review and testing
  • Running your project

Note: the webinar notes, videos and training material for those sessions is included in the training guide

(Usual Range 1 hour)Committing to particular days for web training helps you ensure you complete the minimum number of web training sessions in a timely manner. The training webinars are a key source of free training, it is in your interest to make use of them.

You will need to work with Readysell to improve the training documentation.  Readysell will take all reasonable steps to improve the training documentation if you request improvements. 

(Highly Variable, Usual Range 1-2 hours)We all tend to want to take the easy path and have someone explain everything to us.  Your costs will be excessive if you try to do so.  You need to make best use of the training materials.

Rate the quality of your stock on hand control as poor, acceptable or good.

This effects both the cost of the project and how many Readysell features can be implemented on the first few days of live operation

Organize a trip to a site in your state that is already live on Readysell.  Readysell will contact a site and confirm it is okay for you to contact them.  Organizing the visit is between the site you are visiting and yourself.

This is one of the most powerful and effective training tools out there.  You can learn a lot by spending a few hours working in a site that already has Readysell running.

Initial data import complete but not yet checked:

  • For Readysell Go sites, we normally import customers and suppliers.  Then set your product data to line up with the price book.  The customer and supplier data have to be supplied to Readysell in excel spreadsheet having a proscribed (fixed) format
  • For Readysell sites, we normally import customers, suppliers, products, sales history, customer and supplier balances and stock on hand. We may import other data

( Usual Range 2-4 hours)You need to have some data that is familiar to your team in Readysell before you start training.  There will be a need for you to prepare data and/or discuss your data requirements with Readysell.  Then do some initial reviews of the results.

All engagement meetings are completed and signed off including:

  1. Readysell Financials Engagement Meeting for Full Financials
  2. Readysell Project Engagement Meeting
  3. Readysell Training Engagement Meeting

(Usual Range 3-6 hours)(Usual Range 3-6 hours)

The usual starting situation is you are not quite sure what you want and Readysell is also not sure what you want.  We need to grind through the requirement details in order to agree on the results that need to be delivered.

See also: Readysell Implementation Methodology

The stage 1 checklist signed off.  See: 
(Usual Range 0-3 hours)( Usual Range 3-6 hours)

You will probably need to schedule in a few hours of help from Readysell to complete the checklists.  Make sure you complete a few of the training webinars before you attempt the checklist. May be included in a data conversion charge.

See also: Readysell approval checklists

Once all the items above this point are signed off.  Then stage 1 is complete.  Please contact Readysell and review this plan for stage 2

( Usual Range 1-2 hours)

Project milestone meeting. Stage 1 complete.

You need to have a project planning review session with Readysell before starting stage 2.  Just to check we have covered all the stage 1 requirements and to review the plan, in case any adjustments are appropriate

Stage 2

Training And Testing

Tip: Read the Readysell Training Guide before you start your training program and make sure you are signing off steps in this planning checklist as they are completed.

Tip: Some sites just don't have the time/discipline/skill set to get the team trained using the training material and webinars.  Be honest with yourself. Sometimes investing more in personal remote training by Readysell is the solution that best suits a site.

Skim through the whole Readysell training guide and confirm the guide covers all the training material you seem to need.  If there is anything not covered, let Readysell know before you start training.
( Usual Range 1-2 hours)( Usual Range 2-4 hours)

Readysell will always add more material to the training guide if you identify any material gaps.  Your training program will be more effective if you can spot any gaps in the training material before you get started.  Don't start training until you have skimmed through the training guide and checked all the topics you need appear to be in place!

It is normally helpful to schedule someone from Readysell to skim through the training guide with you.  So we can answer questions and help you identify any topics that you need Readysell to add to the training guide.

See: Readysell Training Guide

Conduct internal staff training based on the Readysell training webinars and the Readysell training guide

( Usual Range 20-60 hours)

You have to persevere with the training material.  Everyone would like to just be shown what to do.  But the remote training involved in doing so is very expensive.  Your team are probably busy, but they need to set aside time to do training.

It is critical the your team keep proceeding with training if possible, even if some data is wrong or missing.  It is unusual to have all data perfect early in stage 2.  So if a data issue is encounter, you have to work around it if at all possible and push to ensure your self training continues.

This is the area where we get the most issues.  Your team need to use the training materials and practice in their own time.  They also need to participate in the webinar training and use the online training videos.  Otherwise you need to adjust you plan to include a lot of remote training hours. 

Book in your training audit hours. To do this you need to:

  • list which staff are going to need training audits by Readysell
  • list which topics will be covered for each staff member.
  • complete your own self training on each topic for each staff member before the training audit. 
  • if the training audit finds staff training to be unacceptable. the training audit must be repeated until the staff member involved can pass the audit process on each skill they need to know

Note: Training audits are expensive, as they often require a lot of Readysell remote training hours.  Also we usually identify gaps in self training which require additional remote training hours to correct.

( Usual Range 10-15 hours)( Usual Range 10-15 hours)

Training audits normally require follow up training by Readysell to correct gaps in your staff's training to date.  You can:

  • Book in additional remote training sessions.  This can be expensive.  Most people prefer this approach as it is easier, if more expensive.
  • Ask Readysell to send you links to the relevant documentation.  Requires you to have the discipline to work through the documentation.
  • Attend free training webinars on related topics.  You may have to wait a while until the required webinar is run again.  You can always watch the video from the webinar.

The two stage 2 checklists signed off.  See: 

( Usual Range 2-3 hours)( Usual Range 2-3 hours)You will probably have to schedule a few hours of Readysell time to help you complete those checklists. 

Once all the items above this point are signed off.  Then stage 2 is complete.  Please contact Readysell and agree a go live date for your Readysell conversion.
( Usual Range 1 hour)( Usual Range 1 hour)

Project milestone meeting.  Stage 2 complete.

You need to have a project planning review session with Readysell before starting stage 3.  To check we have covered all the stage 2 requirements and to review the plan, in case any adjustments are appropriate.

Also we need to set planned go live date and review our training budget and our budget for Readysell staff on site for the conversion weekend.

Stage 3Go Live And Follow Up

At the start of stage 3 we set a planned go live weekend and finalize the budget and work for the last week/s before and after the go live date.

Agree Readysell team members to be optionally on site, before and during the conversion weekend
( Highly variable, Usual 16 to 32 hours)
Readysell team members on site on the conversion weekend make the conversion a lot easier but more costly.  We need to agree on any Readysell team members to be on site on the conversion weekend.  This can be a very substantial cost and a very substantial benefit.  We need to plan carefully.

Review and confirm training budget for remote training, on site implementation assistance and financials assistance (just after conversion)

( Usual Range 1 hour)More training and implementation assistance may be needed.  It is appropriate that we review the training budget and ensure there are no surprise expenses in store for your business.

On the go live weekend, the stage 3 conversion checklist must be completed.  See:

Stage 3 Conversion Weekend Transactions and History Customer Sign Off Checklist

( Usual Range 16 hour)( Usual Range 16 hour)The stage 3 checklist allows us to check things are setup properly and no test data remains in the system. 

Plan your staff to be on site during the conversion weekend

( Usual Range 16 hour scheduled)Having some of your team on site during the conversion weekend allows you to polish training a little, but more importantly identify any gaps that have been missed and run the first few transactions through Readysell when customers are not present.  Giving you time to check you are ready for the go live on Monday and for your team to build some momentum in terms of processing transactions and completing required work.

If your stock on hand control is not good, you need to select one of the following numbered options:

  1. You can elect to convert without fixing the issue.  This will cost time later and prevent you from using many Readysell features.  But it will cut the training and assistance cost before conversion.
  2. Do a stocktake soon after conversion.  This will require an increase in training and assistance.  As you have to use temporary procedures between when Readysell goes live and when you do your first stocktake.  There will be a charge for assistance by Readysell with preparing you for and assisting you with your stocktake.

If your stock on hand figures are not reliable.  You are probably better to convert to Readysell first.  Then stocktake after.  This would mean you can't use many of Readysell's advanced features until you do your stocktake.  But does allow you to focus on the basics until you convert to Readysell.  Then bring on new Readysell features one step at a time after conversion.

Automatic warehousing can only be implemented if you have good control over stock quantities on hand

If your stock on hand numbers are not reasonable you can't use automatic warehousing or stock allocation on the go live date.

If your financials are not up to speed, you may elect to start Readysell without using Financials.  Using your old financials for a time.  Then convert to Readysell financials at a later date.  We need to agree if you are going to use Readysell financials before the date of the conversion.

If your financials are not well controlled.  You may be better to convert to Readysell for sales first.  Then bring financials over at a later date.

Optional.  Paperless picking, delivery runs and other mobile app features are best practice. But require training and implementation assistance.

Paperless picking is best practice.  Readysell sites should use this feature if your stock is reasonable.  It is easier to start with paperless picking on the go live date if you can.  As converting later can meet resistance.  The team tend to setting down into using paper picking after conversion if you let them.

Get started with general ledger including advise on entering the initial journal, as long as your initial balances are correct

Note: if you can't give us your initial balances from your old general ledger you are likely to require substantially more Readysell time helping you with preparing your initial journal.

( Usual Range 1-3 hours)( Usual Range 1-3 hours)You will need to budget on some financial implementation assistance after conversion if you are using Readysell financials. 

Get started with bank reconciliations, as long as you have a complete and balanced bank reconciliation as at the Readysell go live date.
( Usual Range 2-6 hours for one bank account)( Usual Range 1-2 hours for one bank account)You will need to budget on some financial implementation assistance after conversion if you are using Readysell financials. 

Get stared with Readysell payroll
( Usual Range 0-1 hours)( Usual Range 2-4 hours)Readysell payroll is worth implementing for most sites.  You should be able to implement it yourself from the user guide.  Most sites don't need any training or assistance with setup of Payroll. 

You will sign up for the first available Readysell IT mentoring program following your go live weekend

(Usually 8 hours)IT mentoring teaches you best practice. Sign up to the first mentoring program you can after you go live date.


Readysell takes all care, but no responsibility for data conversions.  Checking the data is the customers sole responsibility.