Using Readysell Mobile



Key Features

    • Installing the app, the app can be downloaded from Apple, Android and Windows stores. 
      • On Android it can be installed from an email sent to the mobile device. 
      • The app runs on most Android, Apple, Windows phones and Windows 8 devices
    • Configuration, Readysell's mobile app can be configured to 
      • pair with a compatible barcode scanner 
    • Getting started
      • when you first install the app your user settings in Readysell 8 Windows version control the menu options you are allowed to see

        A Store Person menu options would be different to that of Technician.

      • Once your user id is setup properly in Readysell. A first data sync has to occur. 
      • Readysell stores and runs its data from the device itself. As a result the Readysell 8 mobile application can continue to work even when your mobile device is out of range of 3G and Wi-Fi connections


The topics in this section give you information on how to do various things within Readysell Mobile.